Scripture and a Snapshot #17 – Psalms 118:1

This is the center quilt panel on my table runner. I skipped Halloween and went right to Thanksgiving, especially since my Canadian friends had Thanksgiving last week. I am more aware that every day is thanksgiving day since Ann Voskamp’s 1000 Gifts was published in January, instantly became a New York Times bestseller and continues to change the hearts of Christians all over the world. So in honor of the success of 1000 Gifts and my Canadian friends who meet me here in this space and in preparation of my heart for my country’s own Thanksgiving day in a month, I post my snapshot of the quilted runner my daughter-in-law, Kelly, made me with Psalm 118:1 superimposed upon it.

I would like to mention that Kelly gathered together a group of women at her church and they are making sleeping bags for the homeless of Camden, New Jersey. Here she is completing a sleeping bag by tying knots through the layers. I am a thankful mother-in-law, Dawn


8 comments on “Scripture and a Snapshot #17 – Psalms 118:1

  1. Oh I do love patchwork! I love the mix of colours and the scripture is perfect. I bless the hearts and hands of the ladies making sleeping bags for the homeless. May the bags be saturated with the presence of God and the prayers of the saints. Their venture is dear to my heart as I have made some quilts for the homeless before . . . I called it sewing into the kingdom.
    Hugs, Andrea Dawn

    • Andrea Dawn:

      Saturating the bags with prayer invoking the presence of God into the lives of those who sleep between the layers…what a wonderful picture, and Sewing into the Kingdom, yes! It could be a play on the word sow, as in sowing seed. Hmmm. Of course, knowing you, you already knew that, but it just “came” to me as I was typing this. I think I will link this to Kelly’s page on Facebook so she can see it.

      Because of His amazing grace,

  2. I think skipping to Thanksgiving is a grand idea! Ann’s book encouraged me to find at least one thing every day to be thankful for… of course when you think of one, it is impossible to not think of more! God is SO good!!!

  3. How wonderful to make these for the homeless! What very kind hearted people… that made my day! I love that you skipped right over to Tnaksgiving! We will just keep on celebrating all the way to yours and on some more….
    love your snapshot…God is indeed good. I am so glad His mercy endures forever!
    I am so thankful for you!

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