Thankful…in few words

Today I awake at 8:30 am. It is Multitudes on Monday. I am thankful today for:

#305 sleep

#306 friends

#307 crisp, cool fall temperatures

#308 brilliant color

#309 puppy play

#310 sisters

#311 the coming of advent

#312 sweaters and blazers and scarves

#313 pumpkin pie and stuffed turkey

#314 good books

#315 insights from prayer

#316 candles

#317 freedom from pain

#318 a heavenly home

I hope you are, too,



8 comments on “Thankful…in few words

  1. Such a great list, Dawn! Sometimes, I get into this thought pattern of thinking that my list has to have all these great things on it. And my week seems ordinary, simple and mundane to me, I find I have nothing that I think is worthy of a post. Yet, is it not just the simple things, the ordinary pleasures, that are life’s greatest treasures???? Our dogs, the warm glow of a candle, friends, family, etc. . . I’m with you on this one. You put the fizz back into my flat diet Sprite!

  2. Dear Cora,

    I thought the same thing as I posted, but then I thought, “These are the things I am thankful for, so I’m going to post them.” I am a very simple person these days. I live in a 3 square mile space almost 100% of the time, home being my center. So my thank list can’t be be too spectacular. Thanks for the note of appreciation. You will never be flat because you always surround yourself with wise others who replenish your fizz. That is Kingdom living and you inspire me to do the same. That’s why I drop by Hidden Riches so often. When you post out of your everyday life I get so much ’cause that’s where I live. Thanks for stopping by,


  3. I love your list, Dawn, . . . sisters, friends, sisters that are friends, and those brilliant fall colours that take your breathe away. And we both have a heavenly home on our lists. Some weeks it is a treasure indeed to just have simple ordinary things to be thankful for. As winter approaches and the trees are stripped of their finery and the garden jewels are locked up, there is still much beauty to be seen and so many vital processes taking place unseen. Giving thanks always, for all things . . . thanking Him today for your friendship.

    PS . . . still giggling at Cora’s last line!

    • Dear Andrea Dawn,

      I go right to The Art of Life for wonderful nature displays and words that elevate them to their glorious best in our thoughts AND for exquisite pictures of food. I’m still searching for a taste button.

      I think we could even get more elementary than I have today. Each breath, each swallow, just the right of tears on our eyes, oil on our skin–each tiny little piece is indeed a blessing. When we think about what He’s done for us the opportunities for gratitude are endless and we don’t have to look far to pile them up effortlessly.

      Your tribute to your mother was so compelling. She was quite a woman managing such a large household in a situation that changed frequently with your father’s plans (which I know of because of your previous posts). I’m sure she was so very proud of you.

      God bless you,

  4. the picture of Jesus in the clouds was brilliant and hovering so discreetly, the dove, the Holy Spirit’s presence…I noticed that, after. How brilliant that the Holy Spirit bears witness with our spirits that we are the children of God…
    #312 is me to a “T”… I love my sweaters and scarves… such warm comfort on the chilly yet brilliant days!
    Praise God for your grateful heart!

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