Not seeing is believing

I join with Ann Voskamp on this Walk with Him Wednesday to write about faith. Faith has everything to do with the unseen. I really don’t know why people have problems with this. I count on things happening in the unseen world all the time. In other words, I have faith that there is something there that will provide the necessary action I need even though I can’t see that “thing” or “action”. For instance, I just applied for a new job. I had to submit the entire application (all 70 pages) electronically. When I was done I still had the 70 pages in my hand, but Human Resources at the place receiving my application said they had my application in my file. I believed what the person told me even though I hadn’t seen the results on the other end. I had faith that my application materials flew out into space and lined up correctly on the other end in a data file that could be printed out at will.

This type of action occurs many dozens of times every day in modern life. I never receive a pay check. It gets digitally deposited and a machine gives me money if I ask it to or pays my bills electronically if I ask it to. I have faith that it is done when I push the required buttons.

In the same way, I am living out my life. I have goals and go about meeting my everyday duties, but I believe a whole lot more is occurring than I even know about. God sees it, for He is the Master Weaver, but I don’t. I have to trust His promises that He is working all things together for my good (Romans 8:28). That is faith. Not seeing, yet believing that all is working out according to God’s plan. A blog friend of mine wrote a poem for me about this because I’ve been going through some trying times for about a year and this past Sunday evening, I was privileged to get a glimpse of what God is doing. If you substitute your name in place of mine, it will be for you, too. Thank you, Cora, for this gift, that testifies to the faith we, as believers, share.

Long before the world and stars were formed
The Weaver, in all His miriad of plans,
Began drawing out a pattern.
No detail left to chance,
No color mismatched,
No thread too large or small.
Slowly, but diligently, He stored away
each and every thread
He knew He would use
On the Loom of Life named “Dawn.”

Then on that perfect day –
The day marked on His calandar
as “The beginning of Dawn” –
The Weaver opens the doors wide
to a room full of endless looms,
Some empty, marked with dates of
beginnings and endings,
Some still with unfinished works of art,
Some new, waiting for the
Masterful hand of the Weaver.

And He begins.
The loom is set, threads are laid
In perfect rows,
Waiting for the Hands,
And shuttle,
And threads.
One by One,
He picks the colors,
Some dark and coarse,
Others, bright and strong,
But some pale, pastel, and soft.

I see no pattern,
No plan,
No sense
To all that the Weaver does.
And when I ask,
He smiles,
And only says,
Dawn, “Trust Me.”

Today — today is special.
How glad I am
I’ve become aware
Of threads,
Of weaving,
And how the Weaver works the loom.
Today is special
Because I watched,
And for a brief moment,
I saw the pattern,
The plan,
The vision of the Weaver,
For me.
The threads I would have never chosen,
Now golden cords
Where the Weaver worked His miracles.
And threads of crimson
Where He washed away my doubts
And unbelief.

A Master Weaver.
A master plan.
A tapestry of miracles
Woven in the most artistic love!
And all I have to do
Is trust Him with the shuttle
And the thread!
—Cora Eelman

God is good, all the time,



9 comments on “Not seeing is believing

  1. God is good, all the time… there is the key , and believing it is turning the key to open the doors he has for us…I have plans to bless and not harm, saith the Lord!
    and when our eyes are open we see it all as miracles and give praise to Him!
    Gosh I just love Cora’s poem… isn’t God good!

    • Andrea Dawn,

      You knew Cora’s poem was the perfect word for me at this time. You watched this unfold and you KNEW what was happening. You knew God chose her for this time. She was the thread on the back of the tapestry that was there to add dimension and colour (Canadian spelling, I love it) to my life. I think her skein lies right next to yours and yours right next to Susan’s. I love you ladies who gather here. I am truly blessed.

      Amazing grace,

    • Dear Susan,

      KNOWING God is good, we look for miracles even when it doesn’t look like there are any because we know He is almighty. We look for goodness even when it doesn’t look like there is any because we know He is good. We look for God even when He “seems” absent for we KNOW He will never leave us nor forsake us.

      Thanks for giving me the key, Lord Jesus, and for giving me Susan who helped me see it,

  2. It is amazing what we do every single day in faith, believing. You are so right, Dawn, in your list of all the mundane tasks we do —- in faith. I have some pieces of tapestry, and I dug them out yesterday and looked long and hard at the backside, then the front. I was amazed to see so many threads of different colors on the back, yet, could barely find them on the front. Amazing to think that a Master weaver would think it worth the while and expense to “waste” a thread just to add a tiny smidgeon of shading here and there. Isn’t it just like God in all His lavish grace to give us “exceedingly abundantly above all we can ask or think” just to add a little dimension and color to our lives? Loved the pictures, Dawn. Especially the room full of looms. I want to learn to weave!!!

    • Oh, Cora,

      You dug out your tapestries and looked at them long and hard? You looked on the backside, and then on the front. God had you in His grip. As you looked at a physical representation of the spiritual truths He was sending through you, He kept giving you insights into His ways. This one is for me. “He will lavish His grace on us in order to change the dimension of our lives or add shading to intensify it.” To go to a deeper level, I know I must depend on His grace. The Good News? He gives it “exceedingly abundantly above all we can ask or think.”

      YHWH, my very breath, only through Him can I exist at all,
      Bless you, Cora,

      • Cora… I love your looking…backside/ front… long and hard! I can just see you checking it out, gleaning more and more of that exceeding abundant ‘grace’
        love it!

  3. Yes, He is good all the time! “Oh for grace to trust Him more.”
    Love the pictures interspersed through Cora’s poetic work of art. Thank you, Cora, for sharing your gift of words, for being the perfect gift to Dawn, for being one of those threads in her weaving that adds dimension and colour to her life. God is so good, indeed!

  4. Dawn,
    Such beautiful words on faith. Interesting where people lay down their trust and where they don’t. Loved the example of the ATM and your job application. We don’t see those things, yet it is not even a thought in our heads not to trust the machine. We find it much more difficult to trust the Unseen God. And yet He is seen. . we just have to glimpse behind the tapestry to see all those colorful threads. Amen.
    Cora’s poem was splendid. I loved “the beginning of Dawn” . . so perfect for your name. I realize this beautiful poem is for every one of God’s children. . but your name there is perfect.
    And may I add that you’ve given me glimpses through your eyes of faith that I would never have otherwise seen? This is the truth.
    Romans 8:28? Our favorite verse in the treehouse.
    Much Love to you Dawn,

    • Dear Danelle,

      You do the same for me, show me things I’ve never seen on my own. In community we become so much more. Everyone seeing something different and sharing those differences for the strengthening of the Body, His bride.

      “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”Proverbs 27:17,
      Lovingly sharpening and being sharpened,

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