A pumpkin for Mickey

This post is just for fun. I have been intense for quite a long time so here are some fun moments from the Blanchard household. Amazingly, I won a beautiful handmade cloth pumpkin from the blogsite of Paula Fraker (www.frakerfarm.com). Isn’t it just the cutest? Well, my shih-tzu, Mickey, certainly thought so. The pumpkin arrived at my door in a white U. S. post office box that was the size of the Pet Store boxes we get that contain his meds, necessities such as leashes and collars and, of course, TOYS. When I opened the box and sat the pumpkin on my kitchen counter, Mickey jumped and jumped to try to see it better. I tried to explain to him that it wasn’t for him, but to no avail. He sat on the love seat by the stoveĀ  and whined for it. My husband finally put the pumpkin up high, out of Mickey’s line of sight so he would forget about it. Ha! No forgetting. He’d look up where my husband had put it and paw his knee, look up at it and paw his knee. My husband tried to write his sermon, but Mickey would go over to his desk, look over at the pumpkin and paw his knee. It was too sad!

This evening I was coming home from a friend’s 60th birthday celebration and I stopped at a department store to get a couple of dress sets for my granddaughter Kira. She just looks so cute in a dressy tunic and some leggin’s. We are celebrating her 6th birthday on Saturday so I wanted to get them bought and wrapped. On my way out of the department store, I saw a pumpkin with rope handles on either end and a squeaker inside–a doggie pumpkin for Mickey! I had already gone through the line and paid for two dress sets, but I couldn’t let this pass me by. I sent my dear husband back through the line to pay for the pumpkin. I didn’t have to push him too hard. His heart broke every time he saw Mickey pining for my pumpkin.

Well, we took said pumpkin home.

Needless to say Mickey is one happy puppy! I had to stop him from running around to get this picture. The pumpkin is soaking wet with puppy saliva..soooo yukky, but he is soooo happy.

Living joyfully,



10 comments on “A pumpkin for Mickey

  1. Sooooo cute, Dawn!!!! And I LOVE Paula’s pumpkin, too!!!! You know, I order pigs’ ears for Buster, and they come UPS. They are always in the same size box. He just knows. And it is now called, “The Good Boy Box.” I keep it down low, and I know he can reach it, but he never, ever has touched it in 4 years. He gets one if he’s been good all day. Worse than having kids, isn’t it????
    You are such a push over, just like me. All it takes is those eyes. . . they get you every time!

  2. So glad you have had a little fun to break the intensity of your past week. I love your pumpkin! Mickey is so cute with his own little pumpkin. Happy Birthday to your granddaughter.

    • Thanks for the birthday wishes for Kira, grandma of five little ladies! I’m meeting my son and his family at a place called Knoebel’s Grove for Kira’s birthday. It’s an amusement park. The kids should have a great time. The Knoebel family business was flooded. They rallied their employees around and cleaned up the park in a week. I want to support their hard work and work ethic plus give KIra a fun day. I hope to post pictures next week.

      Speaking of pictures, are you ready with the scavenger hunt? I just had to ask! I’m ready, just waiting for Sunday. I had to get done early because the weekend will be busy.

      • I am settled on 4, but still looking for 1. I have mostly prepared the post, just need to tuck in the last photo and hit publish. Looking forward to the big reveal, as always. Can hardly wait till Susan gets her new camera and joins the fun. Next we need to recruit Cora!

  3. Andrea Dawn… Cora and I will one day be ready… right Cora? Keep cheering us on!
    Dawn… I ‘saw’ that pumpkin on the Fraker farmsite and thought how cute…I can’t believe you got it! Cool or what!
    Happy Birthday Kira and hugs to that lucky Mickey! I can just see his tail wagging!

  4. Dear Susan,

    I can’t believe I got it either. I just left a comment and it must have been the right time because I was the 24th comment and that was the random number that got me the pumpkin
    ! It surely has caused quite a stir around here! smile


  5. How those pets DO get to us. Thank you for the big smiles. I’m so glad Micky is happy now. I’m also glad Micky does not blog…. our Ava is spoiled too much as it is.
    October blessings on your sweet household, Dawn.
    Love, Liz

  6. Dear Liz,

    I don’t think I could ever give back to Mickey what he has already given me. I think that is why dog spelled backwards is god. I think the species is god-like. There’s just no way to re-pay.


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