Scavenger Hunt Sunday #5

This week at Scavenger Hunt Sunday the prompts are: 1 words, 2 under, 3 orange, 4 flying and 5 always look on the bright side. The rules can be found over at Ashley Sisk’s Ramblings and Photos. Click on the Scavenger Hunt Sunday icon in the right column here to get there quickly if you’re unfamiliar with what I’m doing here and would like to know more.


These are the first words I see every morning, They hang in my bedroom in the window across the room from the foot of my bed. This was a Christmas gift from my sister, Debby. I have a mural of a farm with sheep in the fields on one wall of my bedroom. The sheep in this wall hanging match them and the words serve as a reminder that I am not walking this world alone. I am in a herd of sheep following the Good Shepherd. There is no better way to start your day!


Do you see the white speck in the center of this photo? That is my shih-tzu, Mickey. Every single morning we walk this bike path and every single morning we go under the highway this way. Mickey loves these morning runs. I like it best when it is a bit misty like it was this morning or in wintertime when there is no one else around. I can let him off leash and run till his heart’s content. His heart was content this morning!


My husband and I drove around town like we were looking at Christmas decorations. We saw quite a few Halloween displays, but this one took my eye. It was a painted lady Victorian house and the lights framed her so nicely. I also took a picture of me in my Halloween scarf (AC Moore’s $1.oo). As I sat down next to the aquarium in the Chinese restaurant, I noticed the gold angel fish came right over and pursed its lips against the glass. Can you see him? Perhaps he thought I was going to feed him or maybe he saw my orange. I don’t know, but he was right there!


At the local amusement park this weekend you could dress up in your Halloween finery to make the fun even more fun. Many did. This little boy was running around like he was flying. I thought he’d make a good picture for the flying prompt. When he noticed I was going to take his picture, however, he completely forgot how to fly. His grandma tried to get him back into stealth form, but it was gone. Anyway, here is superman posing for the flying prompt! Cute!

Always Look on the Bright Side

Ever since I read the story on the internet about how picking up a penny sends a guardian angel to watch over you, I have been diligent about picking them up. I picked this one up in the parking lot of Arby’s Roast Beef. It was shining brilliantly in the sun. I simply stuffed it in my coat pocket to get a picture of it when I got home. I didn’t notice the Easter bunny stamped next to Lincoln’s face till I downloaded the picture onto my computer. Even then I didn’t know what it was until I enlarged the penny and sharpened the image. Can you see him, upside down? I should have flipped the picture, sorry. Last week Andrea Dawn at The Art of Life saw a real squirrel in her picture that she hadn’t seen when she took the picture. This week I found a buuny, and not just any ordinary bunny at that. Is extra credit in order, Ashley???

I hope you enjoyed looking at the fun I had as much as I enjoyed putting this together for you. If you have a camera, join in. It is just too much fun not to.

Hunting with my camera,



10 comments on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday #5

  1. Oh, Dawn, these are so fun! And I can tell you had fun, too. I love your words the best. The mini-Superman is a great shot and you look so pretty in your orange scarf. I just saw a penny in the driveway a few minutes ago and I didn’t pick it up. Better head back out and get it . . . who couldn’t use another guardian angel.
    Andrea Dawn

    • Dear Andrea Dawn,

      I had such a good time over at your page that I hurried to put mine up. I did have great fun doing this. It keeps me on my toes all week observing my surroundings and even then I missed the bunny until download time. It makes me wonder how much I am missing moment by moment. S l o w down, Dawn, and really s e e, it’s becoming a mantra of sorts. I’m heading back to your place for another peek and then I’m going to work on my gratitude list.

      Many hugs,

    • Dear Heather,

      Thanks for passing by. I never even thought that someone may think that was a road. Oh, my goodness, I hope everyone reads the text. it would be very dangerous for Mickey to be there if it were a road. We do have a good county park system here which gives us lots of recreational areas like this one. A Hilton Hotel is going to build right next to this bike path. I am predicting some fabulous landscaping to occur. I hope I am right about that!

      Take care,

  2. Hey, you said there were similarities in our lists! I see the similarity with Van – but I didn’t mention chicken – and I didn’t mention jobs – and I didn’t mention any hymns – maybe you just meant similarity “overall” – and that’s true – I think in many ways we are “similar” overall. God bless you my friend! Oh, and I forgot – my favorite from your list – of course – Ann. Chicken was a close second – I’m sure she’d be happy to hear that! 🙂

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