Scripture and a Snapshot #19 – John 14:27

This snapshot was inspired by Andrea Dawn and Susan, two of my cyberfriends traveling with me in this journey through life. Andrea Dawn wrote on the topic “Relevant” as she linked to Gypsy Mama’s 5-minute Friday. Her short, but powerful clip on the relevance of the ancient words of Scripture ( lead Susan from The Fisher Lady ( to comment that with the ancient words “her heart can rest”. That is how I came to this Scripture on peace. The stained glass is a window at the end of the hallway on the second floor of my home. It was made for us by a beloved friend who repairs stained glass and creates his own works from stained glass. Both the words and the stained glass window are treasures to my husband and me.

In His peace,



7 comments on “Scripture and a Snapshot #19 – John 14:27

  1. Wow, Dawn, that is so beautiful! I absolutely love stained glass (my family knows this) AND Susan is a gifted stained glass artist herself. I also used that scripture in my last scavenger hunt for the “words” prompt.
    Smiling big, Andrea Dawn

  2. Dear Andrea Dawn,

    Your comments were such a blessing to me: that you love stained glass and that Susan works in stained glass. These were things I did not know about the two of you and now I do.

    When I snapped the picture of the hallway where the stained glass window is I thought, “Yes, this is the bright spot at the end of the walls that hold the Dali’s.” Oh, the crosses some of us have to bear, sigh!

    I’m going back to your last scavenger hunt now to check out the “words” prompt for the verse. I can’t remember what you did with it. I’m waiting patiently(?) to post my scavenger hunt tomorrow. It is snowing here in PA. I think this is the earliest I have ever seen it snow. The flakes are really big and it is supposed to accumulate. I might need a broom to clean the snow off the van when I leave work tonight. I better take one along.

    Bless you,

  3. Dawn, it is snowing in Prince George too… I was just at our tri-monthly grocery party for the children’s home in South Africa…we raised enough to feed them another three weeks! On the way home there was an accumulated 2″ of snow everywhere, then, after driving the 32 km to the corner just before our land all was green still and it was just raining slightly…God knew I had to take out just a “few” more carrots 🙂
    The funny thing is that the Vancouver radio station was proud to announce all the snow on the east coast of the continent and our warm weather on the west coast! They have no idea about what goes on up North 🙂
    Your dove in the stained glass is gorgeous… I had to call my Eduardo to come see it as he makes the windows with me and that is one graceful and “peaceful” dove! And I am agreeing with Andrea Dawn for a fine verse!
    My dear friend, thanks for this scripture and snapshot post!

  4. Dear Susan,

    Your appreciation of the beauty of the dove blesses my heart. I think it is a most lovely expression of God’s promise of peace. It is especially beautiful when the rising sun makes all the glass sparkle with the brilliance just waiting to come from them when the rays hit.

    You are very welcome for the pic and the verse. God’s name be praised!

  5. My mother used to craft stained glass so I had to click through and see your post. Thank you, Dawn, for the beautiful reminder of this gift that only our Lord Jesus can give.

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