Tuesday’s Thanksgivings on Multitudes on Monday #331 – #345

I am a day late, but none the less, thankful. Here are my glories to God this week with the multitudes from Ann’s. I am thankful for:

#331 A huge hourly wage in this day and time when jobs are difficult to get.

#332 Friends who support me when I work. Last night an angel came into my nursery and put all the stray pieces together. God bless you, Sylvia!

#333 Support stockings for sagging varicose veins that keep me on my feet and stop the tingling of poor circulation.

#334 Pumpkin anything: pies, lattes, muffins, pudding, love it!

#335 Photography – such a fun diversion, you can learn as you snap and the online photography community is sooo encouraging.

#336 Tooth fairies that can travel long distances to make grandsons very happy.

#337 Layers of warm quilts to snuggle down in on cold nights.

#338 People who trust me even when it looks like I should not be trusted.

#339 Colossians chapter 4 after a very difficult chapter 3.

#340 Hope in the Lord as my retirement dwindles with each quarterly statement.

#341 Healing through the miracle of stem cell therapy for a friend with multiple myeloma.

#342 E-mails from all over the world from a lifetime of connections.

#343 My Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday weekend

#344 A good run today with my little “hospice” dog.

#345 Connections with this community at Ann’s.

Forever grateful,


8 comments on “Tuesday’s Thanksgivings on Multitudes on Monday #331 – #345

  1. your “hospice” dog is very sweet! We take our border collie in to the senior homes and hospital…dogs bring such a sense of healing and say things we can never find the words for ….
    love your continuing gratefulness, for angels and tooth fairies and pumpkin lattes ( I must try one).
    blessings my friend!

    • Dear Susan,

      I have so many responses for you. You have shown me so many new things through your comments, but I have had no time to respond. Just let me say that I am totally blessed by your friendship. I don’t know why God thought I was deserving such a wonderful gift as you are to me, but I’m glad He did. I am on my way to opening meetings with those who hold my “investments,” the ones who are losing thousands of dollars for me each quarter. I need to name a beneficiary for the holdings because the one I named when I signed up is not transferred over to this new plan. Heavens, I hope Russ isn’t held accountable if I go in the hole. ha!

      I hope to catch up with you later this evening, barring any unforeseen circumstances,

      PS My hospice dog is my dog who is in renal failure. He is blind and very hard of hearing, but today he was having an unusually energetic day so I thought I would take him with the other dogs when they ran. I had a sling on so I could carry him, but he wanted no part of it. He actually ran with the other dogs today. I had him on a leash so he would feel secure knowing where he was going. It was a rare day and I LOVED it. He is sleeping now.

  2. Dawn, I loved your list today. And yes, pumpkin anything should be on my list, too. I read your comment above about your little pup. So glad he got to go with you. That’s the only trouble with our muttlies — the age faster than we do and it makes it so hard to watch them get older and older. I hate it.
    And tooth fairies???? I remember my tooth being under my pillow and waking up the next day to find a dime had taken its place. I thought I was so rich, and wanted to knock all my teeth out!!!!

    I thought of your Colossians 4, and verses 2-5 came to mind — especially after being at Craig’s site and thinking deeply about sharing the plan of salvation with others. To walk in wisdom towards those who are without. . . redeeming the time because the days are evil. I remember learning those verses during a DVBS as a kid where “time” was the theme of those two weeks. You are almost there, Dawn. The whole book of Colossians! I’m proud of you!

    • Dear Cora,

      I saw you over at Craig’s today and could really relate to what you were saying. Then I came to my comment section and you made my heart glad with your tooth fairy story. I laughed out loud when when you said you wanted to knock all your teeth out. What a kid!

      Here’s my Colossians 4: 1-5 from the NIV “Master, provide your slaves what is right and fair because you know you also have a master in heaven. Devote yourselves to prayer being watchful and thankful. And pray for us, too that God may open a door for our message that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ for which I am in chains. Pray that I may proclaim it clearly as I should. Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders. Make the most of every opportunity.” Thanks for letting me practice and thanks for cheering me on! I have been trying to keep the first 3 chapters in my mind as I learn the new verses from chapter 4. It is very challenging! My brain will be 60 years old in a month!

      Holding you in my heart,

  3. Dawn,
    I just love your list, it is so honest! When I was reading and read about your retirement statement, the Father said “I am her provision, I see her, She is mine!” Be encouraged fellow blogger, GOD SEES! and He never lets His own beg for bread!

    Thank you for commenting on my blog, I am new to this and am loving every moment, even tho finding time is sometimes hard. I am enjoying all these new friends I am finding on line! I hope to stay in touch as our virtural paths cross! Blessings my new friend!!

    • Dear Heather,

      Thank you for the rhema word for me on retirement and thanks for stopping by here. A small group of women meet here and on one another’s blogs regularly. When you come by you will get to know them and, as you do, I know you will want to visit them, too. They are all so wise. I hope you come back often so we can get to know you, too.

      Blessings as you venture out into cyberspace,

  4. Dear Dawn,
    Support in the form of friends and/or stockings is truly something to be thankful for! Yay for pumpkin . . . and warm quilts. I saw you left a comment on my gratitude post and yes, one day tea and cranberry pumpkin cookies.

    I have not heard about stem cell therapy for multiple myeloma . . . my mama was diagnosed in 1980. She had 4 chemo sessions that were so incredibly hard on her that she refused any more. She went on a Caribbean cruise with her siblings (something she always wanted to do) and when she got back all her tests were clear . . . no sign of the cancer. It was only 4 years later that she died of pancreatic cancer so I think that maybe she wasn’t as clear as they thought. Good to know there are some promising advances being made.

    I mastered the blog button but have not had any success with the code box. I can email you the code to add the button if you like. I don’t know how wordpress works but I think it’s probably similar to blogger for adding gadgets. If you pop the code into a html gadget you should get the button to show on your sidebar. I have my button on my WORD Pictures site and have tested it out. Now to design one for “Peace with God”.

    Bless you dear lady,
    Andrea Dawn

  5. Dear Andrea Dawn,

    I saw that you sent me a copy of all your hard work and I will try to load the blog button when I return from lunch with a friend this afternoon. My life is a bit hectic at the moment. As the wife of a minister, I am coordinating a couple of things and they are taking quite a few hours out of my weekend. One of them is a Sunday School class using Ann’s book. Getting the books at the most reasonable price, checking out the study guide and giving the (in)courage web address so the leaders can preview the videos is behind me now. This next summer’s Bible School coordinating with a Good News 5-day club team is next. We must reserve our week early or we will have no week.

    I saw the picture of your mother in your thank list. It was good that she made that trip when she was feeling well. And it is good that you have the picture! I find it so very interesting how the different expressions of gratitude mean different things to different people, and how one will be so meaningful to one person and another to another. Praise God for His generosity in allowing us to share with one another, each bringing his/her own particular piece to the table for the consumption of all.

    God bless you as you visualize standing strong with your new knee and in the Lord,

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