What my dog teaches me about God

Wendy Francisco has a whole website about GoD and DoG complete with a little video and song and book and giftshop. Many of you have seen this, I’m sure, but I am posting it because it is so very true. I hope you love it, even if you are a cat person.

If I could love others as my dog loves me, I would truly be making strides. I would have arrived at the death of self, I think. That, my friends, is being truly Christian. “For whoever would save his life will lose it; and whoever loses his life for my sake and the gospel’s will save it.” Mark 8:35

Amen, bow-wow,



14 comments on “What my dog teaches me about God

  1. um – i wuz akchually tuched – i new beefoor she sed that maybee God mayd dogz lyk that. it iz gud u hav yore muttlies – God mayd them tu luv u. u r nise dawn – luv laska

  2. and from Craig :

    I heard this once – and it may have a bit of truth. Dogs think their humans are gods. Cats think they ARE gods. Just sayin. I hearted the video – know this – even though I can’t quite bring myself to say *ahem* bow – wow. (ā— ā€æā— )

    • Dear Craig, my dear cat-loving friend,

      I was just to see my dogs’ vet yesterday and she conceded that she finally got a cat and she’s surprised at how much she loves her. My heart skipped a beat because Dr Amy is a bone fide dog person. I might be able to eek out a meow since you’ve come halfway with your bow-wow.

      Thanks for coming on over so Laska could see the video,

  3. So good, Dawn. And just when I allowed Buster to write his first post on my blog!!! It must be pet posting day or something. What would we do without our fur babies????

    • Dear Susan,

      I’m so glad you passed by! You are a dog person like I am, so I wanted you to see this. Also, note Andrea Dawn’s buttons. Aren’t they great! She even made one for the Billy Graham Association site! Love her…

      and you,

      • I have so much to learn about in blogging… I can read and post šŸ™‚
        I am happy to learn anything but I am slow and need repetition…
        soon soon

        but I am content to enjoy all that you all do
        It makes that spot in my heart that loves God very happy!

    • Yes, Danelle, I know you have your pups and I am so glad you came by to get a look at Wendy Francisco’s wonderful tribute to our furry babes.

      Have a wonderful day with your houseful!

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