Scavenger Hunt Sunday #7

This week at Scavenger Hunt Sunday the prompts are: 1 food, 2. purple, 3. in disguise 4. shapes, and 5. photographer’s choice. The rules can be found over at Ashley Sisk’s Ramblings and Photos. Click on the Scavenger Hunt Sunday icon in the right column here to get there quickly if you’re unfamiliar with what I’m doing and would like to know more.


I was invited to go with two friends to a very special place this past week. It’s called The Front Porch. A couple bought this old farm house in the country and turned it into a tea room. They give all the profits to missionary work through their church. You call ahead and arrange a time and they prepare everything you request from their menu for a donation. It is fabulous! Just look at the beautiful meal I had! It was all served in the ambiance of an enclosed porch done over to look like an old Victorian tea room. There were three courses to our lunch. The picture above was the main course.


Last Sunday we had our first snow of the season. It was earlier than any snowfall I can remember in my lifetime. These are the flowers in the flower box underneath the church sign. They look sad that their time to make the church look pretty is over. They really thought they had a couple more weeks at the very least. I had weeded them just a few weeks before, too, never dreaming that winter was just around the corner!

In Disguise

I took this picture last winter. I bet I passed this poor owl for days because I always run the dogs on the same path, but one day my eyes focused on this piece of ground and I thought it looked different. When I walked up the hill to get a closer look, I could see there was an owl lying in the brush. It was dead. It had caught its wing in the brambles and could not escape. It was perfectly preserved in the cold temperatures.


I took this picture in the yard of The Front Porch because I thought these dying plants had taken on the shape of wild geese. They look to me like they are strutting away and gawking with their heads looking back and forth. I smiled wide at the look of them. I found it even more amusing that they were not too far from the iron sculpture of a wild goose that the owners of The Front Porch had placed in their yard.

Photographer’s Choice

There is a railroad track that runs along the road by the bike path where I run my dogs. They are replacing the railroad ties. I have never seen that before and I thought it was interesting how they dropped the ties all along the track in preparation for the replacement. It also shows the small steel factory in my community that is very busy turning out steel. The railway system brings in the raw materials and ships out the steel providing good jobs for my community and a quality product for our nation.

Fall is such a marvelous season for taking beautiful pictures. If you haven’t gotten out that camera yet, you really need to do so. I’ll be looking for your post and the lovely Ashley Sisk is sure to stop by, too! She is a stellar hostess!

Appreciating God’s world through the eye of my camera,


Ann, Barb and Dawn - Ladies of The Front Porch


14 comments on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday #7

  1. oooo the owl… sort of made me sad to know it sat there and couldn’t get free… like is hard!
    Our old Granny Ruth finally made her last flight at 7:30PM yesterday… no more shackles, free… touring the heavenlies with Jesus… her rest and peace complete!
    we see the shell but we remember the beauty of life here and beyond…

      • She was 94… she lived every ounce of life out of her 94 year old body… each bit joyously.
        I had opportunity to sing, read and pray with her just a couple hours before she gave her last breath. They said after I left she enjoyed a puree supper and juice, was content, went to sleep and that was it… peaceful.

  2. Dawn I like your geese… we have some like this along our highway and I always think they are real! Also your railway ties I could swipe up for along our fence line so animals don’t make things muddy. That blue rock under the tracks looks like our Giscome crush, the railway rock our area is famous for all over Canada and the USA… maybe we are more closely connected than we think ❤

    • Thanks for noticing all the detail in the railroad picture. I loved that one and I was so happy to know more about it. I knew you’d love the geese. You are such a country girl!

      Rest in the arms of, Jesus, Granny Ruth.

      Love you,

  3. There is peace, calm, and fun to pause in our sickness and hard days to scroll through your words and photographs as you serve our Lord Jesus. I especially loved knowing ab out your Front Porch… my first blog was (and a series of personal experience stories) “Back to the Front Porch.” Love you and your pictures and your words and your firm faith, Dawn!!! Liz

    • Dear Liz,

      You always make me feel I am doing a worthy thing here–posting this blog. I am so grateful that you find your trips here a diversion from your sufferings.

      You are always in my heart,

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