So I think I know a lot about different cultures…

I have a PhD in Trans-cultural Nursing so I have studied many cultures, have done ethnographies and taught cross-cultural sensitivity to those entering new cultures. I know to lay back when I am in new surroundings and observe a long time before I make any moves. This time, however, I was in my own domain where I call the shots every day so I wasn’t really looking for differences. After all, I was the master of this domain. I was working in the hospital’s Intensive Care Nursery. I was caring for a premature newborn. He was in a heated isolette and was taken out for his mother to feed him. I always play music for newborns in isolettes because they have little stimulation most of the time. At one point the mother of the newborn told me not to play music for her son. “His father would not like music played for his son.” This Moslem mother from Pakistan did not want western lullabies played for her baby. She said she would bring in Arabic readings for him. She never did. I never played music by his bedside again.

My 5-year-old grandson lost a tooth and he got a dollar under his pillow for the tooth from the tooth fairy. I told a Japanese woman who has a 2-year-old that he got a dollar for his tooth. She said,

In Japan, when we lose a tooth, if it is an upper tooth, we bury it in the ground, and if it is a lower tooth, we throw it to the roof, to pray for getting a stronger tooth. But I think my son would love to get a dollar, haha.
When I told her the story of the tooth fairy, I hadn’t thought it would be new to her. I just thought I was being “newsy.” I was a lot more “newsy” than I thought I was! I was tapping into a whole new custom for both of us. I am really losing my sensitivity here. I must get out more!
Glory be to God for the diversity of His children,

5 comments on “So I think I know a lot about different cultures…

  1. It reminds me of the passage in Acts 17 with the altar to the unknown God… Paul after observing his surroundings was able to use this knowledge to share with the Athenians, and though some men mocked him, there were certain others who clave to him and believed.
    Observing our surroundings gives such opportunity to share God’s love, His Word, even just a touch of kindness or a prayer lifted even with groans when we don’t know how we ought to pray…
    Acting spontaneously will also give opportunity for humble sharing… As God’s kids it is good to know that He is able to work all things out to good. He puts us right where He wants us and I just love His surprises, when we begin to understand that it is he unfolding our days and each moment. May we have eyes to see His good pleasures, and ears to hear His speaking to us along the way…

    Thank you Dawn for all your insight… I always look for your posts… they brighten my day!

    Today it will maybe be one of my last outside fencing days; we already have a thin sheet of snow so I should be able to find my rails and it will be warmer +6C so I should be comfortable working while my goats graze around me and the dogs work hard at keeping predators away. Into November and still sort of Autumny out. I love it! My first snow frog sits on my fence to greet everyone… I am not sure I will ever grow up!
    Come play in the snow with me! The Son will keep us warm!

    • Dear Susan,

      I would love to come play. You are just so far away, geographically speaking. The Son keeps us close in heart. What is a snow frog?

      Soy candles are the cleanest, longest-burning candles. They are made from soy beans. If you put a topper on them, they burn down evenly.

      Lovin’ these chilly days of fall,

  2. Dear Dawn
    I love how you look at the happenings of your day and listen and adjust and tweak your thoughts and attitudes as led by the Spirit. Such a teachable spirit you have . . . I know the LORD smiles at you. So do I.

    • Dear Andrea Dawn,

      My difficulty these days is whether or not to tweak when tweaking compromises the care my patients receive. I am being told I MUST, but my spirit says this is wrong. I think speaking the truth hurts so I want to say it with grace, but hurtful things are not perceived as grace. How could they be? It seems I’m always resisting authority, but the authorities are not following the law or practice standards so what do I do?

      Thanks for the encouragement,

  3. Dawn, my Bethany’s first snowmen at two and three years old were all about frogs, her favourite creatures. It consisted of one ball of snow (small or VERY grand)… to this add two sticks for front legs; they must stick out like arms, sideways out of the frog’s head, then goat turds for eyes, nose and smile.(pieces of sticks may be used). It must be happy, Bethany’s frogs were ALWAYS happy, and it needs sticks broken for on top to look like hair because it is winter and the frog will be cold without hair…These could always be found on fence posts, at the back door in the flower boxes, on the cars, in a toboggan, with the chickens… all through their growing up we have always made Bethany’s snow frogs as surprises to bring out the smiles.

    that and snow angels.

    My son… now that is another matter! We always needed a ladder to complete his three ball snowmen… little did I know that he would one day be as tall as them, at 6″8″
    And his snowforts careened down forty meters of driveway in our twelve feet of snow, all complete with wood reinforced roofs, windows and doors… little surprise that he is now studying engineering and architecture 🙂

    I make snow frogs and snow angels… the rest will wait until my son comes home.

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