Being thankful now

This Monday, I am thankful for

# 346 His presence and how, this year, I have learned how to be in His presence. I have learned what to do to be fully present in the present with the ever-present Great I AM.

#347 being able to read. It allows me to know the thoughts of those whom I will never meet in person, as I read what they write.

#348 being connected to so many authors that have changed my life this year: Ann Voskamp, Mark Buchanan, Jan Caron, and all my friends whose blogs I regularly read.

#349 friends in the flesh whom God has provided to walk with me in the everyday.

#350 access to health professionals of all different varieties who help me stay well. This week my optomotrist helped me with vision problems.

#351 sleep at night and rest periods during the day for an aging body.

#352 freedom from pain after two years of relentless pain.

#353 grace even though I do not deserve it.

#354 work I can do.

#355 interesting hobbies and friends to share them with.

#356 my church family.

#357 young people who help me and my husband without being asked.

#358 the thank list that I used to make every Monday now extending across the week into more and more mini-lists of exuberance.

#359 a Sunday School class using Ann’s book.

#360 how my dog makes me laugh when she scratches her back.

#361 a hot shower on a cold morning, ahhhhhh!

With the Multitudes this Monday at Ann’s,



3 comments on “Being thankful now

  1. Dawn,
    Who is Jan Caron? I love Ann and Mark, but haven’t heard of Jan.
    And thank you for your list today. Being thankful for the ability to read?
    Yes. Yes.
    How I take things like that for granted. Eyes open now. Just for sight, knowing how to make letters form words and what those words mean.
    All a gift.
    And I am not surprised that so many want to help you and your husband.
    You shine Dawn!
    I am sure there are many who are drawn to you and your family.
    Blessings to you today friend,

  2. Dawn,
    So many of the things on your list resonated with me. (It must be a “Dawn” thing:) I really enjoyed reading your post today. Every one of the things on your list…I kept saying, “yes” to!
    I too think of all the people I have “met” through blogging. I’m grateful for that.

    • I’m so glad you dropped by. I am having such a wonderful pre-Christmas time of preparation for His coming…so much joy in the fall and the anticipation of Thanksgiving, Christmas and a New Year. I have to think what I’m going to name the new year. Hmmm\

      Dawn B.

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