Scripture and a Snapshot #22 – John 24:12

Ah, here it is again, the great dying lesson, that shedding of the old self so necessary for the advent of the Kingdom of God. Did I say advent? That is right around the corner and this year I ordered Caleb Voskamp’s advent wreath to be intentional about marking the days till Christmas. I got an e-mail from PayPal today saying that it had been shipped so I’m going to be ready November 27. Through Ann’s blog, A Holy Experience, I distinctly remember seeing candles being lit and the figurine of Mary moved toward Christmas at the Voskamp house. Mary will bring forth life at Christmas, a life that changes our world. We make no mistake and are not fooled by the innocence of this baby in a manger. He has come to change our world. He has to die to do it, He knows all this and He does it…anyway.

Because Jesus willingly died for me,



17 comments on “Scripture and a Snapshot #22 – John 24:12

  1. Hello my friend . . . I have a little energy today so stopping by to say hello. I love your snapshot and the scripture . . . I am feeling somewhat like that grain of wheat, lying still and quiet in the dark . . . imagining what the fruit will look like.
    So glad you are getting the advent wreath, they are so beautiful.
    Time to slip away again but I will return.
    Love, Andrea Dawn

    • My Dearest Andrea Dawn,

      I think of you so often throughout the day and say a prayer for your comfort. I’ve had friends with knee replacements and it was really uncomfortable for them. I must say though if they set their knee to it and did what their physical therapists said they did fabulously. I know you will give it all you’ve got. We have a Savior to serve!

      I am so looking forward to receiving the Cradle to Cross wreath(s). I wanted to get one for each of my sons’ families last year so they could share it with the grandchildren, but neither of them were interested so I didn’t bother at all. When I heard Caleb had some for this year, I sent right for one for myself. I need to take this journey myself.

      Dear One, were you over at Susan’s? She was ice-skating. I was so envious. The frozen places where they were skating looked so beautiful that I thought I was looking at another world, not earth. There are really so many blessings in this life. You are one to me.

      I pray for you sleep tonight, vision in the morning and strength for the rehabilitation throughout the day. Just a fellow grain of wheat here,

  2. I love your photo and verse. That verse has been special to me for years now, not the normal verse to find comforting, but God has used it in my life and reminds me of it often.

  3. Elizabeth,

    Those of us who follow the cross live in an upside down kingdom where the things that seem insane to the world give us a smile because we know what things can mean in the spiritual not just as they appear in this world. Dying brings new life. This is good news.

    I’m glad this was meaningful to you,

    • Dawn! An upside down kingdom! Love this!
      I am challenged! I saw those wreaths last year and LOVED them… I am going to check out an order for them too! Kids will be so delighted with them!
      The Christmas Spirit in your home sounds like a place I would love to ‘hang’out and witness the joy and love and quiet peace… Christ brings such joy into our lives… It is wonderful to see it ripple out !

    • Sara,

      I really want to find some photos for things that are more esoteric, more abstract. That’s what I am working on for this week. Please come back and see if I’ve succeeded.


  4. Dawn, this phrase caught my attention: “shedding of the old self.” I often want to hold on to my old self yet still walk in newness of life. That’s an oxymoron, right! I’ll be thinking about your phrase and chewing on that now. Shedding of the old self. Thank you.

    • Dear Cristal,

      I think about how different my life would be without me–the me that should not be. Yet I continue to drag it along. It makes me think of the Voyage of the Dawn Treader where Eustace tries to shed his dragon skin, but can’t until Aslan comes along. When Aslan operates it is painful, but Eustance realizes it’s painful because it is finally a deep enough cut to get the skin off. I’d like to be new, but I don’t want an operation. I do so get it, but I can’t get beyond just being philosophical about it.


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