Thankfulness is welcome whenever it comes

It is Tuesday and I am posting my thanks list which I usually post on Monday with Ann’s Multitudes on Monday community. It just didn’t happen on paper yesterday like it did in my heart. Thanks for grace, dear community, and I AM thankful for

#362 knowing how to calm a cough so I could sleep at night the past week.

#363 a church community who prays for my husband and cheers him on in his pastoral duties.

#364 my daughter’s growth in her cross-cultural community. (That will make a special story someday to share in this space.)

#365 the publication of a beautiful and sensitive children’s Christmas book illustrated by Jonathan Bean, brother of one of my former students. Jonathan dedicated the book to her two adopted sons, Stephen and Izayah

#366 an excellent educational conference I attended last week that spoke to me in so many ways and gave me real direction for decisions I have to make in my work.

#367 that I have a merciful God who watches over two friends of mine, Andrea Dawn and Cora, who are too far away for me to help.

#368 scented candles. I am especially enjoying toasted hazelnut right now mixed with a bit of vanilla.

#369 warm socks. Nikken sells ceramic-weave socks that take the heat from your body and store it in the weave. Heavenly!

#370 healing from my cold so I can prepare Thanksgiving brunch for my family.




2 comments on “Thankfulness is welcome whenever it comes

  1. What an overflow of beauty in your life! I enjoyed each bit of your gratitude and all the photos to go along with it. I will need to check out that Christmas book and some ceramic-weave socks… if my feet are happy all of me is! Your daughter is beautiful. I look forward to hear more!
    …looking forward to a soy candle my dear friend.

  2. Dear Susan,

    Your candle is on its way, sent yesterday. We had quite an adventure at the post office. When we arrived the line of people waiting to mail something was out the door. Once my husband got up to the clerk, the clerk said, “Are you paying in cash?” My husband said he was. The clerk said, “Godd because our credit/debit machine is broken.” On his way out, my husband said to everyone in line, “If you don’t have cash they can’t serve you. The credit/debit machine is broken.” At that prompt over half the line left the post office with much wailing and gnashing of teeth. This was quite a revelation to us. We never use credit at the post office, but then there were probably a lot of business people there. Anyway, your candle is crossing the country as I type. I hope you enjoy it. It is the same scent I am burning.

    Mom of a beautiful daughter,

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