Preparing for death

Yesterday I talked about preparation. We are in the season of Thanksgiving and just before Advent. We are making lots of preparations for a time of celebration for the coming of our King of Kings and Lord of Lords. As I was thinking of preparations, I was reminded by a blogger friend of mine who was once the CEO of a hospital, but now freelances, writes and speaks publicly about health reform issues, and yesterday about the ultimate preparation–death. He takes this time of year on his blog to remind everyone that we each only have one time to die and that we should die as we want to die. There is an organization that has a simple plan that everyone can follow to discuss with family members what one’s last wishes are concerning medical intervention at the time of death. Here is the one slide that contains the 5 questions families should discuss before the critical time comes upon them. This has to do with the physical aspects of death. This non-sectarian organization does not deal with the spiritual on purpose. Nonetheless, I, as a nurse, believe these issues are very important and so I share them with you, my readers.

Empowering you so that “the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:7


If you would like to see the story behind this movement click here to watch “Za’s Story”  Engage With Grace: Za’s Story


4 comments on “Preparing for death

  1. Those are indeed important things to discuss with loved ones; difficult but not really needing to be so. And once it is done it can be out of the way… and on with living 🙂
    Thanks for the link to Za’s story… I’m off to watch it now.

  2. Appreciate this post, Dawn and the link to Za’a story as well. In the last quarter of these last 100 years it seems we have become less and less aware that their are options to end of life care . . . that we can have a say in what our final days look like, at least in the case of terminal illnesses. Bless you dear friend.

  3. I just watched an amazing movie on “The Gifted Hands” a true story on the life of the brain surgeon who performed the first surgery to successfully separate siamese twins joined in the cranium.
    Death, the final preparation … and then the miracle of life returned in its fulness!
    Thought you would enjoy checking it out if you don’t know it. The book is also awesome… God entwined throughout!
    to be ready for death is wisdom… and to trust God for miracles in life is a gift of faith.

    • Susan,

      I put the movie “Gifted Hands” in the number 1 position at Netflix. I get two movies per month so I should be getting this one soon. Thanks for the suggestion. I know of Ben Carson and his background and pact with friends at a young age. This should be a really good movie, indeed!

      Bless you,

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