Scavenger Hunt Sunday #10

This week at Scavenger Hunt Sunday the prompts are: 1. waiting, 2. foliage, 3. candid, 4. knife, fork or spoon, and 5. rule of thirds. The rules can be found over at Ashley Sisk’s Ramblings and Photos. Click on the Scavenger Hunt Sunday icon in the right column here to get there quickly if you’d like to know more so you can make your own post next Sunday. You may also want to participate in Memories, Dreams and Reflections 2011, a review of your year in photos. Ashley gives you the prompts to put together a fabulous year in review. But back to the Scavenger Hunt….


This is a picture of the Advent piece of Caleb Voskamp’s Cradle to Cross journey of Christ. While waiting for the birth of Jesus on Christmas Day, beginning December 1, I will move Mary on her donkey a space each day. I will either use one candle and move it along in the candle places or place a candle for each day to light until I have 25 lit on Christmas Day. SInce it is sitting on my dresser top, one candle seems a safer way to go. Anyway, this is my picture for the prompt “waiting”. I am waiting for my Lord and Savior to be born. The book in the background is a wonderful picture book for children called One Starry Night. If you have wee ones, I highly recommend it during this season of waiting.


I live in the city, but my house sits next to a factory. You are looking at the parking lot to the factory on Thanksgiving Day. When it rains so hard that the drainage system for the parking lot is overloaded, we get this big pond in the middle of the parking lot. I often tell people it is my pond in the city. It is truly great. In summer the kids splash in it, ride bikes through it and sail boats on it. In winter it will freeze over and we can skate. I took this picture because the foliage that dropped from the trees lay all around it like sand on a beach. I thought the whole scene was so lovely!


Son Harry and Grandson Harry were taking a walk. They went by Kaplan’s where they sell industrial containers called drums and wiping cloths. Little Harry started to pound on the drums to hear all the different sounds they would make. It was a spontaneous few moments of street music. My son took this picture and I love it–the color, the animation–pure joy!

knife, fork, or spoon

I had my 2 grandsons, Max and Harry, for the day on Thanksgiving. They are both preschoolers so I was going to have them make a turkey centerpiece out of a stuffed paper bag and a plastic spoon for the head and neck of the turkey. I even bought markers that the colors would wash out of their clothes if they colored themselves instead of the paper bag. Well, when my daughter-in-law’s mother arrived to leave the boys with me since she had them overnight, Harry (age 5) was carrying this in his arms. Their grandma said, “We just threw this together this morning. The boys wanted to give it to you.” I hope my smile was convincing because I was thinking, “There goes my turkey craft!” Did you ever–and complete with the spoon for a head! I guess I am not as original as I think I am….

rule of thirds

The rules of thirds was new to me. I had to ask Mikayla what she meant by the term and she so graciously sent me over to Now I knew what to do. What do you think? The focus of this photo was the elation on both father and son’s faces as they greet one another after being separated for 3 days. This is Max, his dog and my older son. I also wanted to use this same photo for candid because it was purely unplanned, a true “in the moment” shot, but I didn’t have another good one for rule of thirds. Anyway, here it is.

Having fun while learning new techniques at Ashley’s,



7 comments on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday #10

  1. Dear Dawn . . . I love your waiting shot . . . the warm wood tones and the atmosphere of anticipation. Great reflection in the foliage shot. Did you find something else to do with the grandsons? Such joy on their faces in the rule of thirds shot. I always enjoy going through your submissions, Dawn and hearing as well as seeing your interpretations.

    • Dear Andrea Dawn,

      I love reading what you see in my pictures! The reflection in the foliage shot was special to me and you noticed it, too. You also felt my disappointment in the spoon picture. Yes, I did find something else to do. We punched out letters with my letter punch set and Harry put everyone’s name together and we made place cards for the Thanksgiving table. We had a good time doing that. Max liked using the glue stick. It was also warm enough outside to ride bikes–and we did!

      Thanking God for His goodness,

  2. your waiting and candid are my favourite shots! Dawn they are wonderful! I admire your nativity and your Jonathan Bean, One Starry Night!
    The turkey centerpiece makes me as happy as the smiley picture of your family rule of thirds!
    We had such a thaw yesterday that parts of city near us look just like the foliage shot… and that is after almost three feet of snow there earlier in the week!

    Your little grandson playing the little Drummer boy?

    • Dear Susan,

      THREE FEET OF SNOW!!!!!!? That is so rare here. We talk inches when we talk snow. I love it, though, so I know I could live where you live. I have those ice-skating pictures in my mind all the time now since viewing them at My Favorite Things. Such a wonderland your farm…kinda like Narnia only it is always Christmas not just winter–no waiting for peace and love–it’s just always there.

      Love you,

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