Scripture and a Snapshot #23

On the bike trail running my dogs the leaves were gleaming translucent in the sun like mini stained-glass windows. Relieved of the weight of the frost as it sublimated from their surfaces, they sprang from the grass and when they did, the light pierced right through them making their colors glow magically as Mickey, Shelly and I passed. Glory to God in the highest!

Each day a gift,



5 comments on “Scripture and a Snapshot #23

  1. Dear Faithful Ones,

    Thanks for stopping by to see my photo. I am so blessed to get such treasures while I walk the dogs. I go the same trail every day, but God has new treasures placed there every day. It’s like getting a present every single day. “His mercies are new every morning…”

    Hugs to keep you warm, my Canadian friends,

    • Dear Cristal,

      This is the Year of Now for me. I named it this because I wanted to be intentional about those things that were right in front of me, things existing in the present. I had a tendency to focus on what was “up ahead” and, therefore, would miss what was now here (and Andrea Dawn says, “If you are not now here, you are nowhere.) I was tired of being nowhere. Since focusing on what is around me NOW, I have come to appreciate so much more of what God has given me that was always there, but that I had overlooked because I wasn’t paying attention. My loss, truly, my loss…He is such an artist and a perfect gift-giver.

      For a glimpse of His glory,

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