My Bible, My Friend

I was over at Susan’s just now and I read her poem His Wind dated November 17. I had missed it before, but I needed it today so the timing was perfect. Perhaps what distracted me from it was an anniversary picture of Susan and her husband, Eduardo, that is posted right before it. It was so very special that I printed it out and framed it. (That is Susan and Eduardo in the frame to the right in the picture below.) Anyway, there is this line in Susan’s poem

His Word is stretched across each page
a friend to me
along my way

My brain exploded in images when I read that line. It’s like I went back through time at lightening speed recalling many of the times when I literally clung to the Word, times when, if I dropped it or it left me, I knew I would not survive. My first memory of this was when I was a preschooler and my mom and dad would fight. I would crawl in the crib of my baby sister and put my hands over her ears so she wouldn’t hear them fighting in the room next to ours. I would just sing to her songs my grandmother would teach me from church–words from the Bible. My grandmother reached out to God and since she and I were very close, I just naturally reached out to Him, too.

When I was in junior high school, I became best friends with a girl named Kathy. I grew by leaps and bounds as her family took me to church with them. There was also a young man named David totally sold out to God. He gathered a bunch of us who loved Jesus together and we’d have Bible studies and sing and sing and sing. David played guitar and my friend Kathy could play anything. Slowly, I learned to chord on a guitar and my friends and I always made music together. It was at this time that I bought my Bible. It was a big black one and I devoured its contents. I still use that very same Bible. It has traveled with me 48 years. Perhaps I should have a golden anniversary celebration in 2013 for our 50th!?

I can find anything in that Bible. It has a good concordance in the back of it when I have trouble just turning to a portion I want to look at, but usually I can just find things on my own. I know that this subject is 3/4 of the way back on the right-hand page underlined in red or the words this person needs right now are close to the end of the Psalms in the upper right hand of the page. Do you know what I am talking about? In another Bible, I couldn’t find what I need, but this is MY Bible. I know it. It has my imprint and its pages are stored in the synapses of my brain. It truly is my friend, an intimate friend, who walks with me through everything.

My Bible, my friend: Today at Ann’s I am thankful for:

#371 childhood Christian friends who shaped me–for the good.

#372 my dear grandmother who poured herself into me–for the good.

#373 for music that helps the heart keep faith.

#374 for protection from harm when I didn’t have the discernment to protect myself.

#375 for the written Word, the ancient words, that make life meaningful.

#376 for parents of friends who cared about young people not their own.

#377 for Pastor Teuful and his wife, Lois, who opened their home to a bunch of kids hungry for God.

#378 for David who taught me the Word was precious.

#379 for my parents who, although they were troubled, modeled for us honesty, truthfulness and respect for others.

#380 my dad played guitar and it was his guitar I played when I learned to chord.

#381 I live where I am free to worship and free to spend time with my Bible, my friend.

Because the Word was made flesh,


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6 comments on “My Bible, My Friend

  1. Dawn — I know EXACTLY what you mean. I absolutely cherish my bible. A few years ago, God actually asked me to GIVE my bible to a young man recently released from prison but seeking more intimacy with Christ. I resisted the prompting to give. Finally, I gave in. This man was thrilled to have a bible with years of notes throughout (a Cristal commentary of sorts!). I grieved over losing that bible. Then, one day, a young woman came up to me (years later). She said, “I have your bible and I cannot tell you how it has transformed my life.” The young man had passed it on as God led him to share. I realized, at that point, the grieving had to cease because God’s Word was not mine to hoard (even though, selfishly, I have to admit I’d love to have it back if God ever allows). 🙂

  2. you have no idea how much I enjoy coming here Dawn… When I read the part of you covering your sister’s ears and your singing to block out the evil… I thought, that is so much who you are to me. You are a wise protector and a kind friend and will keep whoever you can from the arrows of evil. I love you! And to think that you have honoured us a place in your home… and on cyberspace. God takes my breath away at His love shed abroad in the hearts of His people.

    by the way dear friend, I have nominated you for an award… the honourary Liebster blog award
    Perhaps you have already been nominated and perhaps you have a billion followers( to qualify you must have under 200) but I needed to let you know that I nominate you!
    check out my blog for details.

    • Dear Susan,

      It is now 1:00 am here and I must go over to your place to see what a Liebster blog award is. I won’t be able to sleep until I do. Hurrying over now…….

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