My Liebster Bloggers/Who are yours?

One of the greatest Liebster bloggers in my blogosphere is Susan  van Dijk over at Her poetry moves me into another dimension and she has given me permission to use some of the phrases from her poems inside greeting cards that I make. Her compassionate heart and love of life make her blog a wellspring from which to drink deeply in cyberspace.

Susan nominated me for the Liebster Award and, as a grateful recipient, I now Pay It Forward with my own selections for the top 5 blogs I frequent (not necessarily in the order given and not mentioning those who I know have already received the award even though you are certainly dear to my heart. That is you Andrea Dawn and Cristal):

Here are the rules for the Leibster Award:
1. Show your thanks to the blogger that nominated you.
2. Reveal your top picks and let them know.
3. Post the award on your blog.
4.Bask in the love and support in blogsphere.
5. And best of all…have fun and share it too. 

This award is given to bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers all in the spirit of fostering new connections. Liebster is German and means ‘dearest’ or ‘beloved’ but it can mean favorite.
Since I can only choose 5  I wish to acknowledge the five following blogs for their diverse styles of blogging. They are unique with what they share and contribute to the world of blogging.

In no particular order:

My Nominations: (if some have more than 200 followers, I get to choose again)

Danelle Townsend at

Danelle writes in short phrases, sometimes in stacatto, but the syllables, when strung together, cut to the core of your being. What you get from reading Danelle’s writing is unconventional and it causes you to see common things and experience common emotions unconventionally. I have found that I am so struck on the day I read one of Danelle’s posts that it is not till some time later that I actually experience the fullness of her meaning when life has me use the tools she has placed in my soul. Danelle is definately deserves this Leibster Award. (I have no idea how many followers she has so this may be misplaced, but not in my heart.)

Cora Eelman at

Cora is a master at poetry. When she wants to tell you something or help you through something she writes a poem for you. She has written me a poem or two that are so beautiful that they need to be set to music. I’m in the process of that. Anyway, she writes these deep metaphoric and freely-flowing prose without edit!!!! She simply sits down and they flow from her hand. It’s truly unbelievable to me! She also writes about herself and she is so transparent. Her selflessness enables the Lord to use her mightily to help others in cyberspace. She might be approaching 200 followers so I might just eek this award in before the limit is reached.

Andrea Bean at Abandoned for Life

Andrea lives the Gospel. She was a former student of mine, but her spiritual insights, mature faith and unflinching trust are developed far beyond her years. She writes as the young mother of three. She used to be head of a Teen Pregnancy Center, now she is a mother through adoption. She posts her day to day experiences and uses those everyday experiences  to make spiritual points. She introduced me to WordPress and Ann Voskamp’s A Holy Experience. She will always have a special place in my heart.

Duane Scott at

Duane writes for A High Calling. I read something he wrote and e-mailed him. We connected in just a couple of posts back and forth. I look forward to meeting him every day to catch his wisdom. With Duane I will bring a hot cup of tea and plan to read slowly, savor a bite or two and then ruminate on it throughout the day. Duane also works in health care so we share that, too. On December 1 he will begin advent devotionals with writing assignments attached. You may want to take a peek, too, and congratuate him on receiving a Liebster Award.

Jan Cox

I met Jan on the Facebook web page Colossians in a Year where we support one another in memorization of the book of Colossians. Jan’s site is about prayer. If you go there you can leave requests, but the best part is her extensive coverage of each nation in the world and how to pray specifically for that nation. She travels to do mission in the world and at home. If you need some help with prayer or want to help Jan, I know she’d be glad to have you.

Grateful to be in community,



7 comments on “My Liebster Bloggers/Who are yours?

  1. oh…thanks, Dawn…I was too curious to find out what Liebster was? :). Even though there are other things I “should” be doing. Thank you! I’ll try to pass this along. You are a blessing to me.

  2. Thanks Dawn, Under the Cover of Prayer was nominated before for a Liebster Award but I have not been nominated personally. Thanks and I will try to find some other worthy blogs.

    • You so deserve it! I pray your Colossians adventure is going well! I’m up early to try to get this week’s verses in the head. I’m a bit distracted by Advent. Isn’t that great!


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