Genealogists at work

This is my husband. He is a genealogist and he takes church records from the last two centuries of our denomination and transcribes them into digital format for archival preservation. That would be so boring to me, but he loves it. Sometimes the records are in German and he really has a time with them. He was simply working at his computer this morning typing name, dates, spouses and baptisms or weddings in columns when he came upon a name that was not typical. He sometimes puts a name in Google to see if anyone else is named that name which will tell him that the letters he thinks he is seeing in the script just might be what they really are. This morning he saw this

so he went to Google. He found an Edward Leonard Caum born the exact day as this man to parents named the same name and he was born in the same state in which this marriage information was recorded. He was so excited! Further research revealed that this man was a famous botanist who studied the native sugar cane of Hawaii, naming it and categorizing it.

In the 1920’s he was among the scientists and Navy crew to make the first scientific expeditions to the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. It was called the Tanager Expedition after the name of the converted First World War minesweeper, the Tanager, that took the scientists from Honolulu to the western end of the Northwest Hawaiian Islands. Interestingly enough, there is a picture of that early expedition found in the Bishop Museum in Hawaii.

So what was I doing all this time? I was preparing to light our first candle on our cradle to cross wreath, hang our first ornament on our Jesse tree and read about the creation which is the symbol on the first ornament. While I was preparing I found a wonderful blog that is doing a series on the foreshadowing of Christ in the Old Testament and will make a post each day. Now I am excited! If you are interested, please go to Sylvia’s blog over at

I, too, am going to be a genealogist for the next 25 days. I am going to trace Jesus’ roots from the beginning of the world with the help of Ann Voskamp and Nancy Rodden’s A Jesus Advent Celebration booklet that is a free download over at and Sylvia’s work that she will post on her site daily. Perhaps I will see some of you over there in the comment section?                                                                                               Blessings, Dawn


7 comments on “Genealogists at work

  1. what wonderful beauty… all of it!
    and a great Light has come into the world… to lighteneth all men!
    Jesus our hope of Glory… look at all this joy He brings us!
    Thanks for sharing all this ‘overflowing’
    love you Dawn!
    (at first I read Gynecology and thought wow! what a diverse husband you have! smile 🙂
    even as a geneologist, he is very diverse. It was lovely following along today)
    Hats off to Edward Leonard Caum… we learned something about his life today.
    Have fun on your ‘Jesus roots’ discoveries… I know you will share the treasures you find with us!

  2. Dawn, I know you are a great teacher…I love how you shared your husband’s geneology activities and finds with your own geneological Christ study! I am looking forward to learning more as I follow your posts on this…and I just returned from wandering around and poking into nooks on Sylvia’s sight-thank you!

  3. Thank you, Dawn, for peaking my interest even more into the precious Advent season and the awaiting of our Savior’s birth. And, how awesome that you can relate your study of Christ to your husband’s passion for studying geneology.


  4. Wow! One thought we’d be talking geology and another gynecology…it’s really fun to read what people read when they come to a post. How much fun for me.

    Thanks for your teaching comment, A. I feel honored being that you were a Montesorri teacher. I was always in awe of them.

    Bless you, my wonderful friends,

  5. Well I read genealogist and was tickled because that is another of my great loves. I am the family historian of my generation and have had great success in tracking my family history. I had thought of trying to plug the scriptural genealogies of Jesus into one of my genealogy software programs and see what develops out of that but have not begun as yet. Needing to dredge up more energy for that, but will probably have to wait until my healing and mobility have progressed a little farther. Please forgive my silence on so many of your posts, dear Dawn. I just have not had the energy to formulate a comment that was more than “I was here”. I have been pouring all my energy into physio and exercises and still struggle a lot with pain and just wanting to sleep. I have had a few computer issues too, but try to stop by often. I will try to stop by the sites you suggested tomorrow. Off to sleep now . . . good night dear one.

  6. Dear Andrea Dawn,

    I am so glad you were able to leave a comment this morning. I was really concerned that you may have had to go back to the hospital or something. It’s ok not to leave anything but “I am here.” just so I know you are ok. That means everything. I thought of you when I wrote about genealogy because I know you are deep into that for your family. It’s interesting how you read the word as it really was because of your familiarity with the subject. It’s why I love reading blogs. Each person comes to a common Scripture with a totally different lens and we all grow because of it.

    I am praying for your comfort, strength, will and patience as you try to re-habitate (now, isn’t that a word?)

    Love you,

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