Scavenger Hunt Sunday #11

The prompts at Scavenger Hunt Sunday, December 4, 2011: portrait, nostalgic, time, full of light, and motion


These are the accessories my sisters bought for my birthday. There is no denying what birthday today is for me, is there? This is my first portrait at my new age. Oh well. My girlfriend who I’ve known the longest sent me a card saying, “Hey, they say 60 is the new 40.” Everyone is being so cheerful about it. I have to say that I feel a lot better than I did 2 years ago at this time. It’s taken a long time and a gracious heavenly Father’s care, but the discs in my back have healed and given me my life back without pain. See…I’m smiling.


I remember so vividly playing with this mama pig and her little piglets that sat on my grandmother’s coffee table in her living room. When she passed away in 1986, her things were all packed away when my grandfather married a new woman. When he died my sisters had a window of opportunity to go into the attic of the house to take what they wanted of our dad and grandmother’s things. They picked up this mama pig and her piglets for me. I cherish them. They make me think of being a preschooler and feeding the pigs on the farm, standing in the garden and picking and eating warm tomatoes and corn without ever leaving the field. They make me think of being tucked in bed by the best bed-tucker grandmother anywhere and her slapping the porch swing and saying, “Itty Bit (that’s what she called me) come sit here and swing awhile.” She’d always have her apron on and we’d swing and swing. These tiny pink reminders transport me back 50some years every time I see them. That’s nostalgia!


My husband made this grandfather clock for his mother. Now it is ours, but it still sits in her house. Our older daughter wants to have it because her dad made it. She needs to live in a place where she can put it. It is a beauty and keeps perfect time.

Full of Light

Each day of Advent I light another candle. Today there will be 5 lit. By Christmas Day all will be blazing and ever-so brilliant. Today at church, as a body of believers we lit the second big weekly advent candle. The Light of the World is coming.


This is my grandson, Luke, about 1 year old; and today at age 4. The picture on the left was taken the first time I ever gave him a lemon to suck while we waited for our meals to come in a restaurant. He had a pile of sugar to dip the lemon in and he thoroughly enjoyed the dipping and sucking. I am so glad I had someone take that first picture. Today at my birthday dinner he reached for the lemon in my ice water and wanted a packet of sugar to eat his lemon. Every time we go to a restaurant together he sucks a lemon while we wait for the food to be prepared. It’s our tradition. When I saw the picture I took of him today, I knew it would be my motion shot.

Thanks for stopping by. I want to go around the community and see what others have posted. I hope to see yours.

Thanks for hosting, Ashley,



7 comments on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday #11

  1. yay! A birthday! and a 60th one! Congratulations dear friend! My Eduardo has his 60th this coming Saturday… I wonder if 60 candles will even fit on the cake… we usually just put one representing the candle of life…either way it is a special celebration for the two of you! A Happy and blessed birthday to you dear friend… I have your amazingly beautiful candle here before me to remind me of our friendship.
    The story behind your mama pig and piglets is specially sweet…so easy to be transported to that age again isn’t it!
    I am amazed at your husband’s intricate skill…a true gift… that it keeps perfect time is a great reminder that the Lord is not tardy as some think but will come in the perfect time…
    I would love to see your journey when all the candles are lit… full of glory!
    I have never thought of dipping the lemons in Sugar… that could have caused quite a tradition in our home had I known of it. Your grandboy is gorgeous!

    blessings to you dear friend, in all things

    • Dearest Susan,

      I was smiling ear to ear when you said you never heard of dipping lemons in sugar. You will have to instigate when you see your grand-babies. You talk all the time of things so foreign to me like the aurora bourealis, making cheese, tending goats, etc. that the small act of dipping lemons in sugar was new to you was amusing to me.

      Do you or Andrea Dawn (hope she’s reading the comments) know the song Hide Thou Me? That is what my friend wants me to sing with her on Christmas Eve. I have a CD of it to listen to. I just wondered if either of you were familiar with it. I’ll let you know what I think.

      I was undone this morning at breakfast as I read about Abraham taking Isaac to Moriah for sacrifice. I am writing a blog about it for Wednesday. Somehow just having spent time with my three grandsons over the past two weeks makes this so raw to read. Little boys, so trusting their dads…It’s a good thing our Heavenly Father is trustworthy.

      Good night, Dear Friend,

  2. Happy birthday, dear Dawn! You are looking so vibrant and so glad you are pain-free. I so so love your nostalgia shot and the story of how you came to treasure it so. I have never known any one who has been a clockmaker and am astounded by your hubbies skill . . . I imagine a lot of love and time and patience went into this masterpiece. I agree with Susan . . . you must post a picture of the advent candles in full blazing glory (please). Great motion shot . . . does he still make a face every time?

    • Andrea Dawn,

      Something really unusual happened today. I was over at Ann’s and clicked on her highlighted text “Baby Ema” which she posted in January. When I clicked there, I was transported to the time when your son’s family was sharing pictures and posted a few thank you’s for those who were praying for them. Now that I know you are his mother it was so much more meaningful to me. I prayed for them and my churches prayed for them back when it was happening, but now I know you which makes it so much more real. I am in awe at how I came to have this connection.

      I will most certainly post a picture of all the candles lit. I am excited to see it myself!

      God is good. All the time,

      • I was at Ann’s as well and clicked that Baby Ema link which is why she made my gratitude list post today. Thank you and your church family for being part of that cloud of witnesses/warriors that prayed for my precious granddaughter and her family.

      • Dear Andrea Dawn,

        Prayer is such a privilege. It connects us in such inexplicable ways! Who could have orchestrated that one of my former students would lead me to Ann who posted about Ema? I immediately took Ema’s name to my church families to add their prayers to my heart-felt prayers for her. Then I discovered the fisher lady. Because of my admiration of Susan’s poetry, she mentioned I might enjoy your pictures–and I did! Over time I connected you to baby Ema…what a wonderful discovery! It just goes on and on. His amazing grace!

        I love you,

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