Thankful Because He’s Faithful – Part II

Today I am finishing my thank-you list with the Multitudes on Mondays group. I just had too much for one posting. Here are the rest of my thank-you’s. Is it ok to do this on Tuesday? (just kidding) I am thankful for:

#386 a healthy body for a 60-year-old. I do not have pain and I can keep up with my children. That is a real blessing. The grandchildren are a bit much, but I do ok with them, too.

#387 a week of vacation. I can set the work world aside during this week and just be with family. It’s been good. These are the important people in my life and I am so very blessed.

#388 this season of Advent. I have Caleb Voskamp’s cradle to cross wreath, Ann Voskamp and Nancy Rodden’s Jesse Tree book, Syvlr Pen’s study on Old Testament prophecies about the coming of Christ and Duane Scott’s reflective Advent journal. These make the waiting a time of enrichment and keep me focused on the true meaning of Christmas.

#389 finding photographers on the blogging circuit that are willing to share their talents with others. I am learning a lot and love to post pictures on the weekends. My daughter-in-law, Kelly, is really excited about what I am learning and this gives us something to share together. She is going to check out a couple of the bloggers that really help me: Ashley Sisk, Cedar and Katie Boyd.

#390 one nutty, crazy lady who stood outside my house singing 60 Candles to the tune of 16 Candles (complete with the whoa-o-o-oh-o-o-oh’s). She can’t sing, but I recognized it. Barb holds babies in Haitian orphanages, runs a Red Cross disaster trailer after Central PA floods, sells photographs and gives all the money to Christian Light School in Haiti where she will spend the week between Christmas and New Year’s this year. She wrapped one chocolate-dipped pretzel for me and when I looked at her with puzzlement she replied, “Well, Dawn, I only had one and don’t you just love the extremes of sweet and salt?” What else was there to say? Love you, Sister-in-the-Lord Barb!

#391 my dog, Shelly. When all is said and done, all the guests leave, all the presents put away, all the typing typed, all my energy spent, Shelly lays at my feet and looks up at me adoringly as if to say, “I’ve been waiting for you all day.” She is a constant example to me of faithfulness. Thank you God. I need reminded so often and she is right there.

#392 my church family. They had cards and presents for me when I got to church this morning. Tears here, Folks. It was really too much!

#393 my daughter, Abby, who never calls, writes or e-mails although she is capable of all three. She is a loner who will help a stranger till she is exhausted, but has no time for family. Friendships and romantic relationships are short-lived because she doesn’t care enough to learn what another thinks is important. She comes on strong initially, but very shortly loses fuel to keep any fire going. She doesn’t remember important times, dates, or favorite foods, colors, activities. My birthday wasn’t on her calendar or in her mind. I am thankful I know her. She has forced me to learn about depression. Depressed people really have no energy so I do not take Abby’s behavior personally. I pray she will be healed. I am thankful she hasn’t turned to illicit drugs or alcohol and that she has one really good friend who seems to understand her. She is always respectful to me when she talks to me, she just doesn’t do it very often.

Friends, I am on a roller-coaster. Thank you for taking the time to be with me today. Have you given thought to what you might name the year 2012? I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately. I don’t have clear direction yet, but God will show me. He is faithful!

God bless you,



12 comments on “Thankful Because He’s Faithful – Part II

    • Dear Danelle,

      You always select points out of my posts and restate them so I see new things. My mind is exploding with the attributes of sweet and salt that you plucked out of the pretzel story. We have been dealing with salt this past week as a spiritual attribute and you’ve given this food story a spiritual application. Perhaps that’s what Barb meant all along…I tend to be a bit slow at times. Could you be my interpreter? I’ll see her Thursday and maybe it will come up to ask her.

      Thanks for praying for Abby. She has so many gifts, but they are trapped in a dark box somewhere deep inside her. I pray she comes to trust someone who can lead her to freedom.

      No answers here,

  1. At six years old I would stand in line at the Vancouver PNE for the roller coaster. You had to be nine or as tall as a line they had drawn on a board. I was just there at that line and I had a cousin who was fourteen that would go on it with me five times! I wanted to see everything as we whizzed up and down and around. I loved the pull on my belly and the lightness in my head! I could not understand my cousin hiding under his jacket the whole way. He must of loved me lots to bless me like this because boy, was he ever green! In life now… I prefer a peaceful walk along a forest trail or along the riverside… and emotionally, I do not like a roller coaster.

    In life there is no age limit or a line on a sign to say if we can enter this roller coaster. We somehow, just end up on it.

    Thankfully it is not my dear cousin on it with us, though bless his dear heart, I love him for all those growing up years. Grateful, I am, that it is Jesus sitting beside us, all the way and I have noticed that if I keep my eyes on Him I almost forget it is a roller coaster and I find Him at every corner, every up and every down. He is holding me and is not hiding under a jacket, but sees all the hurting people along my journey and shares ways that ‘He and I’ can make a difference in their lives. Dawn, I know that on your roller coaster your eyes are fixed on Him, the Author and Finisher of your faith. I can see it in all that you do along your way and in all the lives you touch.

    I loved the photo of all your friends… I stand behind you all rejoicing with you at such a gift to be celebrating 60 years of L.I.F.E.
    And prayers will be lifted for your dear daughter. God is our healer. May He send His Word to bring healing in her heart and life.
    I loved your whole list of gifts and the your ‘holiday’ coming up is splendid… Rest well! Enjoy!

    God is our best Gift and always I say, gifts are best shared with others… we will share Jesus!
    I wanted to share a song I was just sent… I love it
    It is called, Where is the line to see Jesus ?

  2. Dear Susan,

    In life there is no age limit or a line on a sign to say if we can enter this roller coaster. We somehow, just end up on it.

    How profound! Ready or not you’re on the ride. That is what my post is about tomorrow. Ann asked us to write about how we prepare for His coming. I think sometimes preparation is impossible, but we can always be ready. I hope to see you here tomorrow to continue in this vein.


    God’s richest blessings,

  3. Dawn – what a blessing you are to so many (and it’s obvious by the friends at church, the pretzel friend, etc.). Your love for God and for others is obvious. I am sorry about your daughter. But, I am thankful you are intentional about finding the good in what some may just label “bad.”

  4. Dear Cristal,

    I have learned to be thankful this year, Cristal, through this blogging community. It is not yet a habit and I still grumble, but it is a lot less and I see with a whole new set of eyes. They are eyes of gratitude. I don’t know where they have been all my life, but I finally found them. Thanks for dropping in on me. Your encouraging spirit is so welcome!

    Goodness and mercy,

  5. The second half of your list was just as jam-packed as the first. So glad your health has been renewed and that you get a weeks vacation. Thank you for directing me to the Scavenger Hunt . . . it’s truly been a joyous pursuit for me. And I will pray for your Abby. I know that the love and time and energy you invested in her was not wasted as it came from God . . . and her story is not finished . . . yet.
    Love, Andrea Dawm

    • Dear Andrea Dawn,

      I am so happy you enjoy the Scavenger hunt because it enables so many who love photography to find you and your pictures are outstanding. God has given you an eye for the visual just as he has given you ears to hear the detail in what is being said and then connect the dots to come up with a succinct synopsis of the whole thing. You have so many gifts. I am so glad you read me.

      Praying for your healing,

    • Andrea Dawn,

      I just have to reply to this again because I came across this quote by Oliver Wendall Holmes and it is YOU
      “Poets are never young, in one sense. Their delicate ear hears the far-off whispers of eternity, which coarser souls must travel towards for scores of years before their dull sense is touched by them. A moment’s insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience.”
      THIS is what I wanted to say when I replied the first time, but I didn’t have the words, Mr. Holmes did, and I just had to find them. You are far more than a poet, but the rest of the quote is right on.

      Blessings, Dear Friend,

  6. Dawn, what you shared about Abby just tears at my heart, and I sit quietly with it because I have had a couple of times of very deep dark depression, too, that lasted for months in one case and stretched over several years in recent case. Both of mine were situational. That is, they were related to an issue in my life each time. This second one has been more complex, by far. I am coming out of it, though, and am very, very grateful for those who did not give up on me in the midst of it all. I have a friend who still struggles with much darkness, who is on medical disability with constant pain, and I just love her. As she is. And since she has the bible down in her memory far better than I do, I also don’t preach to her. Just words, simple words of encouragement. She lives far away from me so I only see her a few times a year.

    I ache for Abby. I will certainly pray for her each time she comes to my mind. I know what it is like to only barely have enough energy to get up and do a thing or two around the house and that is all…to have no vision…to feel like an elephant is sitting on my chest in the morning…to need to take two hours to talk myself into having enough motivational energy to even get out of bed…I am glad those days almost never happen now, though they aren’t so distant that they don’t threaten still.

    Rambling, but I will pray, for sure, for Abby, and for you, her mom. It is tough being a mom to a child who struggles with depression, too. I know that road, too. It is past, but it spanned years and was heartbreaking.

    • Dear A.,

      Thanks for sharing your experiences with depression. It is so insidious yet so very debilitating. I can’t even fathom it, but those of you who can and that reach out to others are so needed. Mental health is such a hush, hush subject. I don’t know how our culture got that way, but it certainly is not helpful.

      You certainly weren’t rambling. These are just the descriptions that people need to read to be encouraged out of their own personal pit. They also see that it is possible to overcome. I think my sister who just went through the embezzlement mess at her work will be able to help so many people because she knows the depths of despair and has come through. She credits her psychiatrist and psychologist for saving her life and she is a woman who will not seek help unless she is desperate so I knew she was. Our baby sister needed professional help after her husband died and she is the one who encouraged her. I am thankful to God for His servants in the right places at the right times.

      Thank you for sharing. Someone needs this,

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