Advent has been quite revelatory for me so far. I am learning so much going through Ann Voskamp and Nancy Rodden’s Jesse Tree book and hanging an ornament on my ficus tree every day depicting a symbol of the day’s lesson. That is WHAT is new to me. As I go about my celebrations, though, I am constantly made aware of how unique my celebrating is. I had one woman, a local shop owner who laminated the Jesse Tree ornaments for me, ask,

“Are these symbols of some kind?”

I said, “Yes, they are symbols I use for Advent, the days leading up to Christmas.”

She said, “Christmas? Is that something religious?”

This weekend at the local high school craft fair a lady and I got into a conversation as I was looking through what she was selling. She showed me basket after basket all nicely done up for Christmas. After she showed me several I finally told her, “All of them have Santa in them. I try to steer the kids and grand-kids away from Santa. I am looking for something different.”

She looked a bit puzzled, “Like what?  Snowmen?” Ann Voskamp would have said, “Yes like THE snowman. The God-Man who came to wash us whiter than snow.” But, alas….

I said, “No, like the Nativity. You know, with baby Jesus in the manger.”

She said, “Oh, yeah, yeah, I’m getting a bit more like that myself.”

A bit more like WHAT? I never found out as she began to ring another lady’s purchases up.

I am discovering that the blood on the doorposts of the Israeli slaves’ houses in Egypt that cause the angel of death to pass over that household and the red cord in the prostitute Rahab’s window that cause her home to be spared when Joshua and Caleb entered the Promised Land foreshadowed the blood of the Lamb of Calvary on the cross that causes me to be passed over in the judgement. But this is not WHAT average “person on the street” knows. They don’t even know WHO. WHAT the world needs to know is WHO. They do not know WHO. This shakes me out of my slumber or  numbness or rebellion or WHATever. The world does not know WHO Jesus is. They do not know WHAT He has done for them. The world does not know HOW MUCH He loves them. There is nothing more important than this. May I always be ready to show them, tell them, be with them…as He is certainly with me.

I am thankful today that I

#394 know Jesus

#395 have been shown there is nothing more worth living for than Jesus.

#396 live in an age where I have access to so many ways to share with others.

#397 have energy and strength to share, help and be with.

#398 have a Bible and know where to find what I need for myself and others in it.

#399 have brothers and sisters in the Lord.

#400 have a church who knows what it means to serve.

#401 became familiar with Ann Voskamp and her writings this year.

#402 live in a country where I am free to read, view and speak freely.

#403 have resources to further the Gospel.

#404 have been forgiven and can start fresh each and every moment.

God’s grace this Multitudes on Monday in Advent,



4 comments on “What?

  1. Dear Dawn . . . I love this post and where your advent ponderings are taking you. A great list of thank-you’s . . . today I am drawn to 394,398 and 404. Last night I was blessed to be included in a friend’s family dinner out and on the way we listened to a Christmas station on the radio . . . it was a lot of Santa and snowmen and jingle bells, etc . . . fun, but missing the WHO completely. At the restaurant every song was centred on the birth of Jesus, our blessed Saviour. It was so delight to soak in that atmosphere and the contrast was quite compelling. Blessings to you, dear one, as you continue your advent journey.

  2. .
    People hunger… Jesus alone satisfies

    I thank God for you Dawn, for your beautiful heart … I loved, “Like what? Snowmen?” Ann Voskamp would have said, “Yes like THE snowman. The God-Man who came to wash us whiter than snow.”

    Jesus alone…
    may people come away blessed because they see Him

  3. Hello Dawn — I’m a stranger from down-under.. but think of you often and hope that you’re doing well.. Also of course your husband as I read that he had not been well — certainy hope and ‘pray’ that all is well now..

    As I read your blog – I realise I’m probably one of those ‘people in the street’ – and although I do really know who Jesus is — I chose to travel the easy street and make no definite committments.. but at all times I really do admire your faith, beliefs and way of life.. and I am so greatful that you do actually have the energy and the strength to share it with the likes of me. Thank you..

    I’ve sent off a little gift for you — just a calendar – maybe it will give you an incentive to come visit here with us…

    All the very best for the Christmas Season – I’m sure you will enjoy it – and also for the New Year..

    • Dear Joan,

      You are definitely not a stranger! How did you ever find me here? I had dropped by your page on Spark People and since there was no communication there, I thought you might have gotten in the flooding there in Australia. We had many pictures and videos from those days of the Australian floods and I was very worried about you. Now you pop up in my comment section. What a joy this is! Joan, if you truly know Who Jesus is, you can’t be non-committal. Such love necessitates a response: either “in your dreams” or “I do”.

      I so admire your loving heart and open arms of friendship. I hope you drop in often and get to know the community here and check out their blogs, too. We are here for one another and you are so very welcome. I have really missed you. I, also, have a lot of maternal-child issues I need to get off my chest and you are certainly able to give me a professional opinion in an unbiased way since you aren’t one of the players here.

      Merry Christmas, Dear Friend Down Under,

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