My husband and I read the story of Aramean commander Naaman and how he went to Elisha for healing from his leprosy in 2 Kings 5 this morning. The part of the story that struck both of us was after the healing when Gehazi, Elisha’s servant runs after Naaman to try to get money from him that Elisha had refused for the healing. Gehazi wanted the money for himself. When he returns home to Elisha, Elisha says, “Gehazi, don’t you know that I was with you at the chariot and saw you ask for the money. I saw you take it.” At that moment Gehazi’s skin turned white with leprosy.

At the end of the story my husband said to me, “Knowing everything would be such a burden, wouldn’t it?” We had just watched the movie “Knowing” one evening last week and I think its message stayed with both of us. It is about a little girl who could see the future and wrote what she saw down and 50 years later her writing was uncovered and the story continues with her daughter and granddaughter and another man and his son living under what she revealed. The coming together of these two events have made each of us think about the “gift of knowledge” in the New Testament and the prophets of the Old Testament.

In preparing for Advent, we meet those who knew the savior was coming: Mary, Joseph, their families like Elizabeth, and the Wise Men. May God’s hand be upon those especially gifted in this area today. On my Jesse tree I hung an altar of fire to symbolize Elijah who knew God would burn up his sacrifice, but not the sacrifice of Baal. God bless his boldness!

Walking with Him this Wednesday in Ann’s community,



3 comments on “Knowing

  1. How often have we heard gossip about something someone did that we know couldn’t be, because it was totally out of character for that person? I love how Elijah, and Elisha knew the character of God and so could totally trust Him. Knowing God makes all the difference… May we make God famous this Christmas season, so others may see Him for who He really is.
    I love how you and your husband share together the wonders of God’s Word!

    P.S. cards are in the mail…

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