Scripture and Snapshot #26 Isaiah 11:1-5

Near my house there is a bike path where I run my dogs every day. It was full of thickets and grasses on the left side of the path and a railroad track runs by a woods that edges the great river that supported the lumber industry here during the 1800’s. This past month the Hilton Hotel chain bought the property where I used to park my van and stipped the land bare of its trees and thickets. It looks like a wasteland now, but I am sure the Hilton folks will come in and landscape nicely and it will be a beautiful place once again. During the cutting of the trees I took this picture and now that it is Advent and I have been studying the lineage of Jesus, I thought of this picture while reading Isaiah 11. I pray it blesses you.



9 comments on “Scripture and Snapshot #26 Isaiah 11:1-5

  1. Dawn,
    This picture is perfect for Isaiah 11. Absolutely perfect. We are doing the Jesse Tree at our home as well. . and this just touched my heart. A beautiful moment captured. Merry Christmas to you!

    • I love that you passed by and that you are doing the Jesse Tree with your sons. I wish I had done it with mine. You are a wise young mother who knows young what is a priority. Your reward is all summed up in “Thanksgiving and Christmas are the same, aren’t they Mama!?”


  2. Lineage… growth rings . I love the picture this brings to mind of the trees along our west coast that have survived year after year of adverse circumstances, where all the growth happens on the protected side of the tree, the foremost part losing branches and leaning strongly into the storm, roots steadfast! The lineage of Jesus, those added in because they stood against the storms, roots steadfast in the “One”, their growth rings worth sharing with others in the faith, to bring encouragement.
    Thank you Dawn for this excellent post…
    The Scripture was fullness in itself set beautifully on that photo ( I was a little saddened to hear they took down the brush by the tracks… in your photo on an older post, I felt so close to you as we have the same walkway and brush along the railway in the village close to our farm.)

    My daughter was disappointed in her first few days, with the rudeness of the people in Spain, however, after a week of really comprehending their lives and their discouragement over the economic crisis there… almost every fishing vessel at the seaside is for sale…after seeing them with ‘different’ eyes, she now understands differently and with compassion she can meet them all along her way with kindness in her heart and really feel for them. And I know to pray for this Spanish nation.
    “He will not judge by what he sees with his eyes, or decide by what her hears with his ears,
    but with righteousness He will judge the needy, with justice He will give decisions for the poor of the earth” (I love these verses you shared from Isaiah)

    The world remains in great need of Immanuel… God with us.
    Thank you Dawn for sharing His holiness

    • Oh my goodness, Susan, there you go again seeing so very much more in this picture than I ever mention. You are a wonderful commenter. I hope people read the comments when they come here. Many times they are better than the post. This is a case in point!

      Do not despair…the thickets and trees were not taken from the place where my previous photos were taken. That area looks the same–just like yours. This area is on the other side of the beltway that runs above the bike trail. It is where my muttlies and me enter the bike trail. We then go under the beltway and then bear left at a Y in the path and follow the trail along the railroad tracks beside the river. That is all the same. Someday I hope you can come and see it in person.

      By His grace, I am a shoot on the stump of Jesse,

  3. A timely shot Dawn, a good lesson – I feel a little stump-ish lately – maybe there will be some new growth. Thank you my friend, thank you for everything in this year that I’ve blogged – that we’ve blogged. With only posting eight posts a week now instead of 10 – I should have more time to read and comment – and live. Anyway, you have been a blessing. Merry Christmas.

    • Dear Craig,

      One of the highlights of this, my first year of blogging, is that I met you and your love kitty. You are a rare item in cyberspace. I really love that you may be reading and commenting more. Your posts are very deep and I need to go over them several times before I get each point so 4 days of 2 postings will be more than enough for me to synthesize. Please do not burn out, I gain so much through your reflections and in-depth analysis of the Scripture! You really put yourself out there and that is always risky and I’ve learned a lot watching you handle what happens when you risk. It has given me courage to risk and I am in the process of a big risk now which I hope to write about when it is clearer what is going on. You had a big part in pushing me forward through your blog and through your prayers.

      What are you going to call your new year? I think that is how I met you at the beginning of 2011–you commented on my naming it The Year of Now over at Ann’s. It’s been quite an adventure, and it’s been good sharing my experiences all year long with you! Have a blessed Christmas.

      Warm wintery wishes to you, Craig,

  4. Love this scripture, Dawn. Like Susan, I feel a little sad that so many beautiful trees are destroyed to make way for . . . whatever. From woodland to wasteland. So glad God comes to our waste places and causes them to flourish again.

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