Scavenger Hunt Sunday with Ashley Sisk and Friends #12

The prompts this week are: 1) What is it?, 2) Fur Babies, 3) joy, 4) window and 5) half. I really wasn’t going to participate this week because I didn’t have my camera a lot of the time and missed opportunities to really capture some great shots!!! Until….I saw the prompts and I thought, “I can do these right around my house.” and so I did. I hope you like them!

What is it?

This is a Christmas card from our Japanese “daughter’ who lived with us while she  went to college in the States. She thought Christmas was an intriguing story and remembers to send us a Christmas card every year.

Fur Babies

This is the photo I sent in our Christmas cards this year!


This is my employee badge that I wear to work. This month I am using a “JOY” pin to attach it to my uniform! It reminds me to be joyful at work because I am a daughter of the King.


This is the window near my work desk. I look down on Willow Street from my window as I work on my projects of the computer. I can see all the action in my immediate neighborhood!


I went inside my refrigerator for this one! I got two halves in this one shot. Now, isn’t this fun? If you’d like to be a part of Ashley’s Scavenger Hunt just click on the Scavenger Hunt button in the right hand column and get the rules. I will look for you next week.

Have a great one,



10 comments on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday with Ashley Sisk and Friends #12

    • Dear Yvonne,

      The Japanese card stands upright when assembled. She is in a protected round plastic case. I agree…it is stunning. Thank you for your sweet comments.


    • Dear MG,

      Our muttlies are our family these days. Each one is a rescue dog, as Danelle Townsend would say, “They rescued us from a life without dogs.”

      Thanks for stopping by,

  1. So glad you didn’t skip the hunt. I love the Christmas card from Japan, but my favourite is you and your hubby and your fur-babies . . . what a great picture. I did half and half cream for mine also. Too funny! Love your joy pin . . . suits you to a T.

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