Scripture and a Snapshot #27 – Isaiah 62:10,11a,b

At the beginning of the month a friend and I took a day and went shopping. We go to a quaint old town in the northcentral part of our state. It has an old department store there that has EVERYTHING and up the street from the great department store is a 50’s diner. May I just say we had a grand old time. I picked my friend up at her house. As I was walking down from her porch onto the sidewalk to get to my care, I noticed this great snapshot. The gate opening onto her driveway was…a Kodak moment! It was a great beginning to a perfect day!

Merry Christmas!


Shopping with Nancy


12 comments on “Scripture and a Snapshot #27 – Isaiah 62:10,11a,b

  1. I stand at the door and knock… If any man heareth my voice and openeth the door I will come in to him and sup with him…
    love your gate and the snow, a sin covering

    See, our Saviour comes! Such good news!
    I am so glad you have this time with good friends! My kids came home to play !

  2. Dear Susan,

    There is ice in the parking lot to the factory next door. It looks like a pond. I thought of you ice skating with your son. Perhaps the ice will stay. My kids start coming Monday and will all be gone by Thursday. It’s quite something to have all that activity after there only being two of us.

    I am supposed to sing tonight at the Christmas Eve service. Please pray. A nasty “bug” has found me to be a nice place to make a home and I have chills and an upset stomach. I am praying to Jehovah Jirah and whatever He decides will be what I do. I certainly don’t want to give this to others.

    Have a blessed Christmas,

  3. Dawn, I don’t know if you noticed but this is a gate without a fence. I found it standing alone in a neighbor’s garage and thought “that gate deserves to be a place where people enter, not a gate that keeps people out.” Hence, the gate stands by itself….almost always open….and if it is closed…well, anyone can just walk around it and get in, too. It is very proud to have made it into your blog. Thanks

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