Thankful at the end of the year of now

Last December about this time Ann asked us to name the year 2011. I named it the Year of Now because I wanted to really live in the present moment not always be hoping for something in the future or pining about something in the past. This has been a special month of traveling to Bethlehem day by day, not just trying to get things done for Christmas Day. I’ve been able to live Jesus’ coming each and every day through using the Jesse tree and cradle to cross advent wreath. In the Multitudes on Mondays community at Ann’s I was also able to read about others’ journeys, too, and this enriched my own. Today I am thankful for

#415 Ann Voskamp’s free download of the Jesse Tree book and ornaments. It is a road map for the journey through the genealogical line of Christ that my husband and I enjoyed this Advent season.

#416 my ficus. It made a perfect Jesse tree presenting the genealogy of Jesus Christ through ornaments that sparkled in the light of my sun room.

#417 a young teen in my church who obeyed his mother and played the violin for the special music his mother and I sang.

#418 a new hairdresser who gave me a sensational hair cut for less than I usually pay.

#419 a blessed time of wrapping presents that really reminded me how very unique each and every one I buy for is!

#420 my daughters-in-law who tries to make time to visit around my crazy work schedule.

#421 the blaze of light when all the candles are lit on the advent wreath. (This is for Susan and Andrea Dawn.)

#422 that my husband can still preach although it tires him a lot.

#423 children and grandchildren and the fun we have together. I am thankful they know to keep visits short, however, because my husband has very little strength and can not have a lot of activity for too long. I am thankful for my daughter-in-law’s family who have lots of energy to keep them occupied.

#424 unexpected help from my 5-year-old grandson while preparing Christmas dinner. He would do everything I asked and listened attentively when I showed him how to place the silverware and fold the napkins. He really is a good helper.

#425 sons who break down instructions for little ones into bite-sized pieces of information that their children can follow easily. They must have learned it from their wives. I can’t remember being so wise. This is yet another good reason for marriage, one makes up for what the other lacks to make an entire whole.

#426 for work to do with the skills I have.

#427 frozen and canned goods from people’s gardens as gifts for Christmas. My refrigerator freezer and cupboard shelves are full.

#428 my dog, Sebastian, sleeping quietly most of the time, seemingly not suffering.

#429 a colleague at work who shares my vision for excellence in care delivery and is not afraid to takes risks to accomplish it.

#430 instant mashed potatoes…it’s a long story!

With the multitudes giving thanks,



7 comments on “Thankful at the end of the year of now

  1. Giving thanks with you too Dawn… you have been such a gift to me this past year… my life is fuller knowing I have this amazing cyberspace friend who is real and whole and beautiful, all because of God’s grace in her life and mine… God gives such good gifts!
    I can see Andrea Dawn smiling with me about your #421, and your # 425 ~one makes up for what the other lacks to make an entire whole…. is simply profound and purely true!
    Your husband is a dear and we will keep him close in our prayers. Blessings to you all as we leave this old year overflowing in gratitudes and look forward to what lays ahead, knowing our Abba Father delights in His beloveds and is the Giver of good gifts, that He walks with us, with purpose and Goodwill. May our every breath honour Him.

  2. Oh, Susan, your words resonate within my heart. You are the same to me…God said He would bless above what we could ask or think. Indeed He did me when He brought me to you. Whatever this next year brings, I want you to come along and together “May our every breath honor Him.”

    I hope you are loving having your kids home.
    Play hard,

  3. Oh how I would have loved to hear you sing, Dawn. I love the blazing advent wreath all lit up . . . thank you. And daddies and grandchildren . . . knowing what works for them. Such a great list of thoughtful thank you’s. What a treasure it has been getting to know you this past year. Blessings to you and your hubby and your dear critters. May health and peace be with you all.

  4. Dear Andrea Dawn,

    Speaking of health, how are you doing? I pray you are getting better day by day. We need to take walks together one day! Oh, and we have a hay stack date with Susan, but that will be in heaven where we’ll need no physical bodies. Won’t that be something?

    I’m so tired. I am saying good-night.
    Praying for you,

    PS Thanks for praying for me the night I was to sing. I made it through, but went right home to bed. I was not well.

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