Scripture and a Snapshot #28 – Job 37:10

The parking lot beside my house fills with water after several days of rain and it did that at the beginning of this week. I was hoping the temperatures would plummet because I really really really want to ice skate. My friend, Susan, posted pictures of ice skating with her son this past month and that DID IT! Well, yesterday this “pond” was still not solid, but this morning it was. I think another night and it will be firm all the way through. Now I just have to hope that no one comes along and runs their car over it or deliberately chips at it. It is smooth and sleek and calling to me right now.

Where did I put those skates?



8 comments on “Scripture and a Snapshot #28 – Job 37:10

    • Dear Andrea Dawn,

      By afternoon the temperature had reached 40 degrees and the “rink” was mush. I simply need to move farther north, Ha! This morning it is raining. Thanks for the well wishes.

    • Job contains many such verses about God and His power. One I especially like is quoted at the beginning of the movie Secretariat. It is an amazing intro to an amazing movie. Thanks for passing by here.

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