Of Lice and Men

I came home from work itching and scratching. I had spent the entire shift caring for a woman with head lice. Well, let me qualify that. I spent the evening caring for her after she had had a medicated shampooing and tedious fine combing of the lice and eggs from each strand of her hair. My colleague, Tammy, discovered the creatures at 3:00 in the morning, got an order for the shampoo and proceeded to delouse the woman for an hour while another colleague washed the entire room down, changed and bagged all the linens and then put a contact isolation set-up outside the woman’s door. I took over 12 hours later. About halfway through my shift the woman rang out, “Nurse, I have found another live bug in my hair!” and on it goes…

I have been scratching my head and thinking a lot about lice lately. I was wondering what they have to teach me about being grateful in the Kingdom of God. I remember Betsy ten boom saying to her sister, Corrie, when they were covered with lice as prisoners in the Nazi concentration camps, “Corrie, thank God for the lice. The guards won’t come near us at night for they fear they will get them. Because of the lice, we can have Bible study!”

I am reminded that no matter how my work goes, I am to be thankful. God wants to transform me into the image of His dear son–whatever that takes! Once I affirm that everything that comes my way is part of the transformation process then I would be remiss not to thank God for everything. I want gratitude to be a habit. To establish this habit, I plan to write down the things that are difficult to be thankful for each day and try to journal my feelings about them. My son bought me a Gratitude Journal for Christmas for just this purpose. I was so happy to tell him why I wanted it when he asked me! I am hoping the “writing down” will help me gain a new perspective about the hard eucharisteo, much like Betsy was encouraging Corrie to do in Nazi Germany.

Linking with Ann at Multitudes on Mondays here is a list of some of the hard things I am thankful for this week:

#431 lice at work.

#432 dishonesty at work.

#433 varicose veins that making standing difficult

#434 forgetfulness that makes multi-tasking difficult

#435 my dog that is confused attacking my youngest dog

#436 that my lovely frozen pond melted before my skates could touch it

#437 a 72% on the Civil Service “test” for a new job (not a high score)

#438 my family physician has given up his practice and now my husband and I have no doctor

#439 a manager at work got away with gross mismanagement

#440 colleagues of mine have unjustified poor evaluations in their personnel files

#441 after contemplating Christmas, I now must contemplate Calvary

The list above is my hard eucharisteo this past week. I will reflect on why I can be and am thankful in all these things… tomorrow. I have kept you too long already today. You will come back, won’t you?

The Year of Grace,



10 comments on “Of Lice and Men

  1. Oh, lice are no fun. The boys had them when they came. Izayah had LONG curly hair at 14 mos and I wasn’t allowed to cut it. Combing is hair was no fun. But at least I have experience now 🙂

    • Andrea,

      Maybe you can answer this for me. I thought that black children with slit-like follicles that produce curly hair were more susceptible to lice infestations than Caucasian children with round follicles. I haven’t been able to find a definitive answer. The boyfriend of my patient said he wasn’t going to wear the protective gear because he was black and blacks don’t get lice. Well, I told him I thought the opposite was true, but he could take his chances.

  2. Yep. I’ll be back. That’s quite a list. Thekind of list I want to make and thank God for during the three-o’clock prayer break I want to start giving myself. But right now I don’t have the amount of content you have!! Prayers for strength, courage, patience, peace, and especially, an awareness of God’s presence.

    • “right now I don’t have the amount of content you have!” This made me smile. It is quite a list. I am thankful for any prayer support you can lend me while your list is short.

      Praise God your list is short!

    • This is such a tedious chore. I’m sorry you had to do it more than once. You are a testimony to its character-building! Thanks for sharing–your story, not the lice…

  3. I am scratching just reading about the lice! UGGGGG! We have never had them, but several of our friends have. I think God just knows I’d be in such a frenzy with them. Fleas on my dogs has been enough to deal with! LOL!

    Your list definitely does have hard things on it . . . it’s sure hard to be thankful for “everything” isn’t it?!?!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! It’s nice to meet you! 🙂 ~Loni

    • Loni,

      I purposely made a list of hard things for this week’s list. I want to begin to really take hold of this important principal of the Christian faith “giving thanks in all circumstances” I Thess 5:18.
      It’s going to be quite a change for me. Thanks for stopping by.


  4. Praying with you through your list of gratitudes… may God bless all involved with his mercy and presence…
    I am singing… Have Thine own way Lord, Have Thine own way… Thou art the Potter… I am the clay …
    Blessings and joy dear friend!
    One Christmas when the children were young we had Christmas dinner with the pastor’s family. his five children were playing with our three in a circle all brushing each other’s hair when their mom came in and exclaimed… O by the way our kiddies have lice!
    So, yes, we had to eventually deal with it; they did not like the straight oily hair of my son husband and Shoshi, however they loved Bethany’s and my wavy drier hair, and our ears got to itching it was so bad…One medicated shampoo and a good washing of everything in the house and we never had the problem again. First and last time hopefully. It makes me itch just thinking of it. Smile… and the itch actually goes away, almost!

  5. I can’t imagine anyone even intermingling with others with lice, unless, of course, it is a cultural norm. When I’d take students to Belize it seems that all the children had scabies and we were forever treating them because all the kids didn’t get treated. It’s just another hardship these wee ones had to endure. I don’t know if any of them ever knew what it felt like NOT to itch. Imagine that…

    Thanks for your encouragement as I read this morning. I had a “a-ha” moment at breakfast with some readings of St. Augustine. I must write about it to uncover all its secrets for me, but I hope to share later.

    Have a great day. It is probably quiet there with the adult children gone.
    I’m sure the animals will fill in some of the space,

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