Scavenger Hunt Sunday with Ashley Sisk and Community – #14

Over the holidays, Ashley temporarily suspended Scavenger Hunt Sunday! I think I was in withdrawal. I was in such a habit of looking for pictures for the hunt all week long that when I didn’t have to do it, I didn’t know what to do instead. Of course, I got great pictures of the grandkids and all the activities of Christmas and New Year’s, but somehow, I really missed the hunt. I also missed looking at others’ pictures and interpretations. Thanks, Ashley, for putting this back on the front burner for all of us who love it!

The cues this week were: One Color, Laundry, Empty, One Dozen and Soft

One Color

A Christmas present from the sweetest, most supportive sister-in-law a woman could have. She sent this through the mail and made my day the day it arrived. It was a wonderful set-up for the one color shot. Thanks, Paula!


I looked and looked for clothes on a line stiffened by the cold air. There were none! My how I remember hanging up diapers in all seasons and when I would bring them inside they would thaw and be damp! Ah, well, they were going to be damp in a little while anyway, weren’t they? Just kidding. I took a picture of this sign at a local laundromat. We have an influx of people from the gas industry in town now to get the natural gas out of the Marcellus Shale we are sitting on. These guys get dirty! They can simply leave their laundry off and get it washed, dried and folded. Good deal!


This is the window where my Christmas tree was. Now it is packed away and I miss it. There were also grandchildren playing here. I miss them. Empty is not a nice worl, is it?

One Dozen

How about a half dozen? That’s the number of lights on the beam in my kitchen. I know, it’s not very creative but sometimes one has to stretch. This was one of those times.


Nothing is as soft as Mickey’s hair. It makes you want to curl up beside him. He wouldn’t mind, either. He’s a total “softie”!

Blessings Everyone as we begin again,



10 comments on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday with Ashley Sisk and Community – #14

  1. Dear Dawn . . . I have been checking over here for hours Missed you these last few days. I left a comment or two on your last post . . . did you read them? Ok, about the hunt . . . you are truly honing your skills with the camera, girl. Love your selections! My favourite is Mickey . . . great angle. What a great idea for the laundry shot and your empty really evokes the sense of loss. I love your curtains, but am curious about the clothespins. What fun things are you going to do with the treats in your one colour shot?

  2. Empty is hard… that is why my tree stays up ’til almost Valentine’s day some years. I walk by and sigh and remember all those fun days with family. I understand how you miss yours.
    I also wondered about the clothespins 🙂 (yay Andrea) and wanted you to know I love your wall paper animals!
    Dawn, a snuggle with your dog would suit me just fine… I have my Ole(Oliver) cat snuggled and snoring on my lap as I type, which is why I haven’t yet gone to bed. He is far too soft and comfy.
    I didn’t recognize your new layout… I’m a hard one for change… I was so familiar with your old one I actually miss it!
    Enjoying all your sharing with us! great shots!

  3. I don’t like empty either. Especially when it’s ME that feels so empty. The nice part is that it’s like a fresh canvas waiting to be filled with life and color and orginality. I always think things look sooooo blah after the tree is gone and the decorations are put away. I’ve been known to leave them up for months!!!!! Who made the rule that it all has to come down on January 1st anyways???? Love that pup! Buster is not a snuggly guy, but has his ways of doing lovies with me. But sometimes, I would love a little fur ball to snuggle with! Give him a hug for me, won’t you?

  4. Dear Ones Who Pass By Here,

    Now my day is complete. All my faithfuls are here. I have really missed you, Cora. You will never know how much. Empty is very real these days to me, but I know right where to refill–right here with my beautiful ladies and to their blogs. I will go right there after I tell you about the clothespins.

    My husband hangs my support hose from those clothes pins. If there is ever an appropriate prompt from Ashley where I can snap a picture of that window with the support hose hanging there, I will.

    I wonder, Cora, if you might be right for fostering a small pet. Sometimes a little one just needs a home for a wee bit of time and you get the privilege of the snuggle!

    Signing off with a grateful heart,

  5. Do you know…right now, I would love to have a simple, ‘wash, dry, and fold’ job! Mostly mindless, repetitive, rhythmic…simple. Basic. So I liked your laundry sign and the thoughts it brought.

    On a completely different note…reaching back to an earlier post…I smiled that you like guys with long pony tails and that you hubby has one. I like that, too, and dated a guy once who had a very long one.

    You can tell i am in a very, very deep mode today. 🙂 Actually, I am, but your blog brought out lightheartedness and that is a gift when one is in the deep end. So, thank you!!!!

    Also, very glad to read of your coworker in your earlier post…your Joshua, was it? It has been a couple of days but I was struck by the qualities she had and glad you can be encouraged by her even though you don’t work side by side. Sometimes a fellow torch-bearer can really encourage us, can’t they?

    • whoops…she is Crystal and she is your Judah, not your Joshua. Glad she is! By now, you are well into your evening, and possibly even at work. I hope it goes well for you, if so.

      • Dear A,

        Since I wrote that post on Judah, I have been fired from my job. It’s been a hard, difficult, gut-wrenching, nauseating, panic-stricken, up-in-the-middle-of-the-night week. It is 4 am as I write this. NOW! I must post my thank-you list for this is just the time we are to give joyful thanks- in the middle of really hard times.

        I said the first chapter of Colossians to my congregations in church this past Sunday morning and the one verse echoes in my memory

        Colossians 1: 11-12 and be strengthen with all power according to His glorious might so that you may have great endurance and patience, and giving joyful thanks to the Father who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of God’s holy people in the kingdom of light. (NIV)

        Will you pray for me about what to do, if anything, about an unjust dismissal? I do not want my job back, but should I right this wrong or leave it to the Father? Many where I work saw this happen to me and are terrified for themselves. If I fight this so that those in power see it is not going to be easy to do this, they may think twice about “cleaning house”. But, again, God does not have to have me show them. He is almighty, but should I? Am I the one He’ll use?

        Lots of questions…now onto the thanksgiving (a new post),

  6. Wow! That is the softest looking dog I have ever seen! Great shot!
    As for your comment on your Empty shot, there is one empty that I like – an empty sink after all the dishes are washed!

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