Scavenger Hunt Sunday with Ashley Sisk and Community #15

Just 5 prompts per week, take your camera and snap a picture to depict the prompt, go to Ashley Sisk’s website Scavenger Hunt Sunday and post. Voila, you are part of the community!

Please come join the hunt at Ashley’s. We would love to have you! The prompts for this week were: stacked up, winter wonderland, sweet, hole, and frozen; next week: sunset, black and white, a day in my life, four and colorful. I hope to see yours posted!

Stacked Up

This set of stackables was a Christmas gift from a dear friend. I love them and the message they give when stacked up: Jesus: Love came down.

Winter Wonderland

Wow! I thought, “What am I going to do with this since we have had no big snow?” Then I looked closer and the snowflakes on grass really was a wonderland right under my feet.


This is the last of the Christmas candy in a little bag given out to everyone in Centennial Church Christmas Day. I loved the look of this picture from the perspective of peering down into the bag.


This was an interesting prompt and when I told my husband what I was looking for he quickly said, “Take a picture of the chair I am working on.” This was an old stool his grandmother sat on at the table when she had people over to her house for a meal. He said he thinks it was a high chair at one time, because it has holes for a foot plate and filled-in holes where a back of the chair would have been. No one in the family seems to remember what it was before it was Grammy’s seat at the table. My husband is getting ready to have it re-caned or have a leather seat riveted to it.


This is a picture I used for Scripture and a Snapshot several weeks ago. It is the edge of a huge puddle that was frozen in the parking lot beside my house. The puddle never stayed frozen long enough to use as a skating rink, boo hoo!

I hope you enjoyed my pictures and I hope to see yours next week!



11 comments on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday with Ashley Sisk and Community #15

  1. i love your last shot of the broken ice. the lighting is wonderful! this is the first time i’ve done sunday scavenger hunt and i’m already loving it! good job this week!

    • Welcome, welcome Newbie! I am so glad you came by since this is your first week. I discovered this lovely community last fall and have enjoyed each and every week of hunting and sharing and looking around. I’ve become a much better picture-taker, too. I will never be a photographer, but point and shoot, I can do.

      See you again I hope,

  2. Dawn, I love the stacked up boxes. I LOVE pretty boxes and these are especially lovely. Good job with the sweet shot . . . very creative perspective. I love the hole photo for it’s history, it’s age, and it’s plans to be refurbished. Sad you didn’t get to ice skate, but it sure is pretty. Looks like I got more snow that you did . . . that probably doesn’t happen that often. So fun to do this with you.

    • Oh my goodness, yes, Andrea Dawn, doing this with you is most fun for me. One of the first posts I remember reading of Ann’s was about the Chinese Lanterns. When I saw your snow-covered ones against the textured snow background, I was taken back to that time of blessing.
      And I went there today and read it again because of your picture and it is just what I needed in this time of brokenness for me.

      Much love,

      • how wonderful to come again to this post of Ann’s…
        ~When we cup the the thinning, fragile places, the places worn right through, the dying and flaking away and hardly-holding-together-places, this is when we see the amber of Holiness.

        Stripping away the sheath of self, this is how we see God. In a lace of brokenness, light dances with shadows.~

        Such broken beauty
        Thanks for taking us back Dawn… hugs to you dear friend

  3. very nice shots, Dawn…. proud of you!
    show us the chair when it is done:)
    I was gifted a ‘love came down’ mug for Christmas so your beautiful boxes really got my attention … just lovely.

  4. A great set of photos. Your best yet. (They keep getting better.) I like them all, and said before how much I like the ice one, but “Hole” runs stiff competition. BTW, sorry you didn’t get to skate, and that your “boo hoo” made me laugh. (Sorry, more ice coming!)

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