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I’m slowly working out medical insurance for my family since we will have none after the end of this month because of my job loss. I was thinking that I would go without health insurance until I read Paul Levy’s blog Not Running a Hospital. Mr. Levy says

The Supreme Court has held that the Commerce Clause empowers Congress to regulate activities that substantially affect interstate commerce. Congress properly exercised that power in adopting a provision in the ACA that requires all non-exempt persons to purchase at least a minimum level of health insurance coverage. Through its legislative findings, Congress rationally concluded that those who fail to purchase health insurance despite their ability to pay for it (“free riders”) not only drain finite State and federal free-care resources, but also negatively impact the availability of privately-issued health insurance policies and the prices at which such policies are sold. Congress further concluded that curtailing the practice of “free riding” would make private health insurance coverage easier for individuals both to procure and to afford.

According to Paul Levy, I am a wanna be “free-rider” if I can afford health insurance and do not provide it for myself. He says that free riders drain State and Federal free-care resources and negatively impact the availability of privately-issued health insurance policies and the prices at which such policies are sold. I don’t believe that government should be involved in health affairs…(case in point, health insurance is not an interstate commodity), but since government is involved, it is going to force people to carry insurance. Well, I am not one to be forced so I am looking around. Tomorrow I explore Aetna with Kirsten and Rhonda, agents at two separate agencies that both sell Aetna Insurance. Pray I will find the bargain.

Once I settled my earthly health insurance responsibilities in my mind, I began to praise the Lord that my eternal health insurance has already been paid by the priceless blood of Jesus Christ. He purchased my life for eternity and because of His sacrifice, I have an eternal home once my earthly life is over. This is great good news, but, then I read this by Gladys Parker over at the Onion

“Why, just the other day I went to County General because my legs were giving me awful pains, and this nurse starting asking me questions about providers and what was my health care plan and wanting my insurance card so she could copy it. I said, “Child, I don’t need all that fancy paperwork—not as long as I have Jesus in my heart….Oh, once in a while those folks from P & H Collection Agency come calling, but I know it’s just Jesus testing me. For I know that just as He delivered Lazarus from the tomb, the Lord will deliver me from the $80,000 in unpaid medical costs on my billing statement.”,11311/ Please read the whole thing. It is majorly entertaining!

This commentary from the Onion was satire, but I know people who REALLY think like this and they drive me

I think we Christians should pay our own way if we can, and if we can’t, check into plans to help us BEFORE we need them. I don’t want to lose any of you either because you feel you must pay your own way and you can’t. There are government and private Christian plans where a person pays a little each month into a group and the group helps in time of need. We need to live responsibly among our brethren. And so, Paul Levy, I am shopping for health insurance tomorrow. I’ll let you all know how I do.

The practice of living responsibly as a witness,


PS For a good explanation of why insurance is a good investment see the comments section of It really helped me!


8 comments on “Insurance Assurance

  1. I understand your looking carefully and wisely… When our daughter settled in South Africa she looked into insurance for herself and her three children. $700 CAD / month and though that cuts deeply into her meager salary, she has no choice. One hospital visit could claim a lifetime of savings.
    So it is pay it and then get on with living… there is so much of that to be done and she doesn’t want to miss a bit of it!
    Praying that you find the perfect policy… also praying for God’s job placement for you. I am excitedly anticipating, wondering where it will be and knowing that wherever it is they will be so blessed to have you.

    • Oh and it is my daddy’s birthday today… He would be 100 years old today! Still, I celebrate him, the wonderful man who chose me to be his daughter and gave his life for us kids! Hugs heavenward!

  2. Dawn, for me, the worst, most humiliating, humbling thing was the reality of becoming a “free rider.” After losing everything, including my dignity and self-sufficiency, to find my self at the County Health Department made me almost suicidal. I could deal with the thought of having cancer — but I found I could NOT deal with being a “freeloader.” I remember walking out of that place with hot tears coming down my cheeks, and I felt destitute, forsaken, shamed, exposed, and like the supreme failure of the world. I will never forget it — mainly because it was so life-changing for me.

    First, I learned it was all ordained and planned out by God. It was a slow growing tumor, so slow and perfectly timed so as to get me to that moment in time when I had nothing — no job, no money, no health insurance. The requirements to get help.

    Second, I learned that all the roadblocks had been put there by Him. If I had seen even one Dr. or had gotten a mammogram and a diagnosis before this, I would not have qualified for this program. I needed to have that application on file BEFORE going and seeking that diagnosis.

    Third, I learned about the all-sufficient God that He is, in spite of who I am (so faithless, self-sufficient, fearful, doubting, etc.). I paid nothing for everything, and the “everything” He gave brought a complete cure.

    Fourth, I learned humility. It’s so easy to ready about the blind begger and all the others who were healed by Jesus. It wasn’t until I had to reach out in front of others who knew me, having to admit I was nothing, had nothing, lost everything, that I understood how these ones in Jesus’ day felt and what it took for them not only to believe, but to admit who they really were and SAY outloud their needs.

    I still struggle feeling like a “free rider.” There are those who rub it in with grit and sandpaper. If they only knew, I didn’t need their verbal reminders of who I am, where I come from, and what I have been given. Whenever I get a statement from the cancer center, I’m in tears. To see the hundreds of thousands of dollars that have been charged to my account and then to see “PAID IN FULL” stamped on it always sends me to my knees. It’s always a reminder of ALL that God has paid on my behalf — right down to the ultimate price for my sinfulness.

    There is a strange thing about it all —- the one thing I’ve learned about the human heart —- it’s that age-old human desire to “pay our own way.” I still have that thought that I need to pay this back somehow, step up to the plate and do something, earn my way, etc. Kind of like we do with our sin problem and wanting to do something to please God with our pathetic efforts.

    So I’ve bared my heart here. I don’t know why I felt like I had to say all that. Thank you for letting me get that off my chest today!!!!

  3. Dear Cora,

    The sentence in my post

    “I don’t want to lose any of you either because you feel you must pay your own way and you can’t.”

    was specifically placed there because I knew your story and how incredibly difficult it was for a woman of Dutch immigrants to rely on others in time of need. I wanted you to tell your story, if you would. Bless you, dear SIster. It is going to help someone. I just KNOW it.

    I’m off to the free clinic now. It’s a sure place to meet Jesus.

    Love you,

    • You are so full of grace, Dawn! Thank you for that! Yea, us proud Dutchmen don’t admit our needs very well, do we?????

      You know, for as long as I could, I carried a “policy” with one of those Christian group insurance things. They don’t call it insurance, but tht’s what I think of it. The “donation” was only $138.00 for me at the time. I had known someone who was under this plan, and her hospital stay had been completely taken care of, so I knew it was on the up and up. I kept that as long as I could. But when it came to the choice between groceries and paying that $138, I got too far behind to continue with it.
      Another step down before I could step up.

      I became so money conscious, thrifty conscious, and I’m sure very irritating to some. I can even have anxiety problems over my dog and how in the world I would ever afford it if he needed major medical care, etc. And that makes me feel I should not have him. And in so many words, I’ve been told that. Once you take even one penny from government programs, people become your “keeper”, and feel you should have absolutely nothing except beans and rice (and those should be left overs!) Grace!!!! Grace upon grace. Learning to accept it. . . and to extend it to others!!!! I do tell my story, Dawn. I’ve learned to set aside the shame I felt, hold my head up and guide other needy, suffering souls to where they can find help. Way back in my blog as I began that cancer journey, I shared the whole thing. It was amazing the love and support that was offered to me there. I embraced it then, and I still feel that warmth and encouragement today.

  4. Dear Cora,

    I just came back from the clinic. It was SO amazing to have that experience right before I got the call from the Director of Nursing at the hospital that my termination would stand as it is–no changes would be made. I was not surprised, but I was comforted by being surrounded by REAL caregivers at the free medical clinic. There, REAL patients, by that I mean those who were not demanding their third coca-cola on ice, but instead suffering excruciating pain and simply asking for whatever release we could provide them, were being cared for tenderly and compassionately, not for reimbursement, but because it is what we do.

    I needed that and you,

  5. I love you ladies and your open hearts! God has given everything so we can inherit the Kingdom… out of grateful hearts we serve others with our lives …
    I was given a marvelous sermon to listen to today… on the ‘open hand of David’ or of God, if you choose.
    Delightful to see that when we give like God does, our hearts will be at peace…I will pray for those people in our lives who behave like King Saul that do not understand the open hand policy… Blessings and all my love ladies! You are indeed precious and nothing will change that !

    entitled the Open Hand Rules/ Douglas Wilson/ Christ’s Church

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