Ambidextrous warriors

This is going to seem like a very strange post, but I was struck today when I was reading I Chronicles about King David’s inner circle of 30 warriors. They described them as being able to shoot arrows and sling stones with both their right and left hands. I said to my husband who I was reading to after breakfast, “Well, what do you know, ambidextrous warriors, how do you suppose King David got 30 men who had that ability?’

My dear husband just offhandedly said, “They were of the tribe of Benjamin.”

My mind is saying, “So? What does that mean?” but I have learned after 41 years of marriage that I had better not pooh-pooh such a comment. It is a good thing I didn’t for the very next phrase in I Chronicles 12:2 read, “they were kinsmen of Saul from the tribe of Benjamin.” Why did my husband say that? I went online and found this from

These men were ambidextrous warriors, capable of fighting and killing with both hands. This is a most difficult task, reserved only for the most athletic of individuals. It would seem likely, though Scripture sheds no light on such, the men of Benjamin were trained in ambidextrous warfare, as well as in assassination.

Well, the Old Testament tells us that these warriors had this ability so it gives me pause. To be able to become accomplished from a position of strength is one thing, but to learn to accomplish that same feat from your weakest position is exemplary. It takes a determination and perseverance that is gargantuan. Apparently, these warriors had that kind of drive.

My dad owned a billiard parlor when I was growing up. As a sophomore in high school, I spent many hours playing pool as I worked with customers that came in to play pool. Being ambidextrous would have been a huge asset. Shooting from a position where my right hand had the advantage was considerably easier than shooting left-handed. I can only imagine how similar it would be for an archer or someone using a slingshot!

The Benjamites were the muscle of the southern kingdom. Jacob’s blessing over them was

“Benjamin is a ravenous wolf; In the morning he devours the prey, And in the evening he divides the spoil.” Genesis 49:27

They were blessed, but it did not come to them from heaven on a silver platter. They trained for it, and I must train for, work for, put myself out for what I am called to do–and prepare so well that if called upon, I could do it with my left hand!

Something to think about with you,



7 comments on “Ambidextrous warriors

  1. I just love the many little seemingly insignificant tidbits that are tucked in the scriptures. Little treasures waiting to be found and unwrapped. I love that your husband had mined the gold of the “ambidextrous warriors”.

    “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the glory of kings is to search out a matter.” Proverbs 25:2

  2. This is a very interesting post. I’ll have to show it to my husband. His dominant left hand has long had a tremor, now worsening, but he resists/procrastinates on switching tasks to the right. I can see why. To see what it would be like for him, I (right-handed) have tried doing things with my left (like eat, write, brush teeth). Not at all easy! Actually pretty comical, usually! Those warriors really must have trained!

  3. Amazing!!!! I don’t think in all my “churchy Sunday School years” that this was every mentioned. Or it was, and my thoughts were a million miles away. The verse, “Be ready always with an answer. . .” came to mind, mainly because I’m struggling with answers to questions asked of me by a “seeker.” I feel like a left-handed answer-man fielding right handed questions!!!!! I was not taught to think outside the box, to turn things inside out and think like the other person. I was always given a list of questions and there was one answer to each. Funny thing about that. . . I’ve never been asked those questions. In fighting battles today, the arrows and warriors come from every direction, and I find myself more and more evaluating my weakest points and finding the best answers I can. At present, I’m deep into Ravi Zacharias’ book, The Grand Weaver: How God Shapes us through the Events of our Lives. I truly believe the Lord led me to this book, as even in the introduction I found right-handed defenses for this left-handed fumbler. Thank you for sharing this passage, Dawn. I won’t ever forget it!

    • I’m back —- after many hours of thinking of this post. I just couldn’t get it out of my mind at all. Tonight, I was doing a bunch of ironing. I had stitched together a bunch of quilt blocks, and I needed to press the seams. I’m left handed with everything I do. The only trouble is, the surgeon had to cut two nerves during mastectomy surgery. Since then, I find my arm gets very tired and hurts when I do “stuff.” I thought of your post, Dawn, as I was ironing. Had I been like David’s warriors, I would have perfected using my right hand early in life so that I would be able to be “perfect” in ironing no matter which hand was required of me.

      All that, to say this: An “ahah moment!” All my life, I have hidden my weaknesses, and focused on my strengths. Are we not taught to do that??? Kind of fits in there with what we are taught about using our gifts, the bent of the arrow, etc. But. . . just think . . . if we all had focused more on our weaknesses, how much that would have enhanced our strengths?????? Maybe all my fears wouldn’t be there today had I learned to be more “right handed!”

  4. My Dear Ladies in this Comment Corner,

    My heart soared when I came here and saw all this wonderful chatter: Susan’s rally cry, Andrea Dawn’s attention to detail, Sylvia’s practical “trying on” and Cora’s reflections. Such refreshment to my soul as I grow to know each of you more and more.

    I just got back from walking my Shelly in the snow that is falling right now. I selected a scripture to go a picture I took while we were walking. She is my ever-faithful canine friend. I hope you all like the picture and verse as I post it for Scripture and a Snapshot.

    Tomorrow I go to a financial counselor to roll over my retirement funds. I am no financial wizard so please pray I hear correctly and make wise choices.

    Sweet dreams, Sweet Sisters,

  5. This *is* neat chatter, isn’t it? We ought to do an ambidextrous Bible question exploration once a week, or month, or something. Haha.

    Blessings on all, especially on your financial decisions, Dawn. I just came on here, so the prayer is after the fact, but I’ve seen God answer those “left handed’ prayers, too!

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