Scripture and a Snapshot #30 – Ruth 1:16a,b

When 3 of my 4 children had left home and I was feeling really low, I told my husband I needed a dog. He said, “Are you sure?” I said, “I think so. I want one the size of Sebastian (He was then my son’s dog) and I want it to be in the house with me. We answered an advertisement in the paper and found Shelly, a purebred lhasa apso. She was bigger than standard, however, which made her a bit bigger than I thought I could handle in the house. The people were selling her for $99.00 which included her crate, her food bowl and food, water dish and collar. She wasn’t groomed and didn’t look very nice. They told us they worked a lot and didn’t have time for her. When I heard she spent 12 – 16 hours per day in her crate (which she filled) and then was put back in the crate at night for bed, I could have cried. I knew I had to take her even though she was too big for me. I would find her a good home.

She was very frightened in the car on the way home. She put her head in my elbow and pushed into my lap. By the time we drove the 10 or so miles home, she was MY dog. She has been my dog for 12 years. She was 13 years old on January 4. She is the kindest, sweetest and gentlest pup with the grandkids. She lets them pull her long hair, take her bones right out of her mouth and runs for tennis balls they throw just to hear them giggle with glee. This is a picture of our prints in the snow–side by side, like always.

Shelly and Me


6 comments on “Scripture and a Snapshot #30 – Ruth 1:16a,b

  1. I love this picture and scripture. It is perfect. I am so glad you and Shelly have each other. God’s devotion to us despite all shines in a dog’s eyes. I am in love with both of my rescues and have lived only about three years of my entire life without a furry child.
    Beautiful Dawn!

  2. I also just LOVE this story and picture to go along… snow is such a detector of where we have been, so the memory is well imprinted! Just gorgeous! You had me cryin’ happy for you and your friend. I can just imagine her nosing into you and finding herself safe and secure on your lap!
    Just what God loves us to do with Him…
    blessings my friend, scratches and hugs to dear Shelly. and you 🙂

  3. Oh, how I need to catch up on your posts, Dawn. I have been learning to discipline myself, which includes restricting my time on the computer. But your words bring such refreshment. I am reminded, through this Scripture you posted, of a study my Pastor led during December. It has impacted me through January (and that’s pretty good for me because I tend to lose focus easily!).

    I think of Ruth – her faithfulness, her sincerity, her trust. I could go on and on. Here’s the link to his first post (and the others follow about Ruth, as well) and my comments:

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