Multitudes Shiver, but give thanks anyway

So I let the dogs out the back door into the fenced in yard to do their last “business” of the day before we all snuggled down into our beds. I was going to go right to bed, but what I met outside in the crisp, frosty air made me praise God and so I began my thank you list for the January 23 edition of Multitudes on Monday with Ann. I am so thankful for

#470 a thin layer of freshly-fallen snow that covers the ground like a clean sheet making the backyard a wonderland.

#471 the mists rising up over our house and the sky heavy with moisture like a deep fog causing city light to form halos around street lamps

#472 the joy of church people snuggled warm around an old science fiction cult favorite I lent them to watch on this cold night

#473 cards that came this week offering encouragement,  one needle point gift, a poem and some stress releasing tips

#474 a man in my church who gave me time and advice when asked, like he was my father. I do miss my dad so very much.

#475 people at the second church who understood and did not persist when I could not talk without crying. My husband prayed for me to get another job. Husband does not get what I need right now and my heart was too fragile to take the miss.

#476 several jobs out there still holding elimination rounds. I am still in the running, but I am waiting for my scores on the State Civil Service exam so I don’t want something else to open up too soon so that I’d miss the State job. That would be best for me, I think. God’s timing.

#477 God’s timing post over at I needed that!

#478 Andrea Dawn playing Scavenger Hunt with me.

#479 My grandson Max turned 3. He’s definitely one of the cutest 3 year olds God ever made.

#480 Craig’s Love Devotional coming in the mail this weekend!

What a wonderful weekend. Thanks for coming by and for those of you who posted your lists, I will try to be by to read some of them. Much snow here in Pennsylvania so we are in and keeping warm.

I’m going on over to your place now,



9 comments on “Multitudes Shiver, but give thanks anyway

  1. Beautiful. A timely reminder to find thanks in all things. I wonder why I have to be reminded to do so. But, I am thankful for someone to spur me along!


    • I’m so glad Ann has her Multitudes on Mondays or I would probably not be as systematic. I LOVE to have a day to just think about what I am thankful for.

      Ann reminds me, I remind someone else, and we go on…

  2. you have such a great list of gratefulness… amazing isn’t it what that fresh layer of whiteness does to our souls! so glad you could share in a little bit of our winter feeling. The -35 C is come and gone! Today we have a balmy -3 C and tomorrow above 0C and perhaps rain.
    I love every display and every word of your post today… I go away encouraged and thankful for God’s grace spilled over the world into the hearts of His people. Praying with you still dear friend… in His time…

  3. I love the picture of your fresh snow and haloed streetlamp . . . beautiful! Nothing like a card in the mail to lift your spirits. I love doing the hunt with you. I am still waiting for my Love Devotional . . . checking the mail every day . . . soon I hope. Continuing to pray and believe He will open the way for you.

  4. Dear One,

    I have mine and it is such a blessing. I am a little disappointed that Craig did not sign my copy. I asked him to, but he just laughed. I was serious.

    Thanks for continuing to pray, Andrea Dawn. I have to step up the defense and it’s getting uncomfortable. One of my colleagues said today that she is glad I am doing this—for all of them!

    Watch for Scrabble in your inbox, Andrea Dawn. had your old e-mail address in my address book. Now I’m set. It’s no big deal, but an extra bit of fun never hurts.

    Fun for you,

  5. Dawn, I discovered your blog via Cristal on WordPress and read your lovely comments to her (and replied to one of yours). Your words of love and encouragement are beautiful and I am glad I found you. I am following you on WordPress now too. I have found so many lovely Christian ladies on here, so encouraging.

    I see also that you participate in photography challenges. So do I!! I think I may have commented on your past photography link ups.

    My WordPress is my blog mostly about life, struggles and my walk with Him. My Blogger is where I post photography. Sometimes I post the same on both if I feel that God is prompting me to do so.

    Thank you… Liz

    • Dear Liz,

      You have an amazing outlook on life perched as you are from such hardships. I am an admirer. Thanks for following along. A wonderful community passes by here. I am always covered in warm hugs, buoyed up in the Spirit and challenged to become more like Him HERE in these comment columns. Women consistently take time out of their days to let me know they are here, right here. Imagine it! God’s gift to me. I am glad you have join them and me.


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