Scavenger Hunt Sunday #17

Prompts this week:


Stand Alone,

Rusty or Something Old,

Artificial, and  Repeating Pattern


Craig over at gave away Love booklets that he wrote and had published in the past. I got one and you can see it made me very happy. We are going to spend the month of February in Craig’s love primer preparing for the beginning of Lent.

Stand Alone

In the 1980’s I worked for a Catholic hospital in my town. Today my husband had some business to do there so I took my camera and walked around their grounds. I found this statue of Jesus off by itself in a cluster of trees overlooking the hospital parking lot in the yard of a house that serves as a home for pregnant women needing a place to stay until they have their babies. A statue of Jesus–standing alone–to remind us we don’t have to.

Rusty or Something Old

What a surprising place to find rust, in the shrubbery at the hospital. It is winter and the shrubs are dormant and pruning themselves for the new growth just around the corner when the sun stays around longer bringing the much-needed warmth for a new wardrobe.


My husband helped me with the artificial prompt. He held Mickey and my Christmas present. I had to brush both dogs’ hair back so you could see their eyes, but I don’t think you have to guess which one is artificial. I love how the blue cover on the sofa shows up here. I think it’s lovely with the creamy colors of the pooches.

Repeating Pattern

These three pictures show a repeating pattern in our lives. EVERY family birthday we have at this restaurant. The first picture is my 60th birthday in December. The second picture is my mother’s husband’s birthday January 13 and the last picture is my sister’s birthday today. My mother and sisters always get together to celebrate birthdays this way with one another. The waitresses (in red) sing and we give them all the leftover cake. A fun time is had by all!

Thanks, Ashely for another fun week of hunting.  You can link up with us and post your own 5 photos next week. Click on the Scavenger Hunt Sunday link in the left column.

Hunting without a scratch,



8 comments on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday #17

  1. what is the repeating pattern in what you order at the restaurant?
    just curious. I love that you do this together… memories that count!
    Your artificial dog reminds me of the skype call with my daughter today… her dogs heard me and saw me but found me halfways, at least, artificial… they couldn’t slurp me!
    love your smile on the first one and also the quiet place Jesus found.
    Nice to see your man again too!
    fun fun fun !

  2. Hey Dawn, I got my booklet this week, so tickled. Your artificial shot tricked me at first glace . . . thought there was two real dogs there at first. Very creative with the repeating pattern, really thinking outside the box. Like Susan, I am wondering if you order the same thing each time or are you adventurous. Love that you “found Jesus” in your wanderings at the hospital.

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