Scavenger Hunt Sunday #18

Prompts this week:

Strike A Pose,



Shiny and Color Me Green

Strike A Pose

Ashley and Andrea Dawn, you asked for it and this is so so so sad!


I call these my Belize boots because I always took them when I went to the rain forest. They were good for mud tromping and occasionally needed for snake stomping. I no longer take those trips to Central America so I do not wear the boots much. This is my husband’s remedy for slippery mops and brooms that just would not stay put. It gives my boots a sense of purpose, too!


I make cards for a hobby, and, as you can see, I spread out quite a bit and each card has many pieces. (My husband forbids me to use loose glitter!) I go outside if I simply MUST get glitzy. Since it is freezing outside here right now there has been little glitz to my cards. Since I have been blogging I have run into a number of poetic people and sometimes I ask if I can use their prose for my cards. One dear friend, Susan, over at lets me lift whatever I want to lift of hers. I made a card yesterday using her eloquent prose to say just what I wanted to say in thank-you to someone.


I made this card for my son’s 36th birthday. He is a systems engineer so I wanted this to look a bit like a bridge. I put his name on the front in shiny silver tin with stickles to attach the tin to the card. I also used stickles (glitter embedded in glue) so the candle flames would be shiny. Do you think he’ll like it?

Color Me Green

I absolutely LOVED this prompt. Thanks, Andrea Dawn! At first I thought, “How am I ever going to post something for this?” and then I walked by my refrigerator and there was my Christmas picture from my 6-year-old granddaughter, Kira! She had made me (Mamie) green and given her Pop Pop green hair. You can also see her renditions of Mickey, Sebastian and Shelly, our three pups. With this prompt I get to show off her artistic talent and she really did color me green. Woo Hoo!

Thanks, Ashley for another fun week of hunting.  You can link up with us and post your own 5 photos next week. Click on Scavenger Hunt Sunday in the left-hand column to get the rules. You’ll be glad you did!



18 comments on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday #18

  1. colour me green… they must have seen your fridge to pick that prompt! perfect!!
    Your picture poses remind me of crazy fun I have sometimes with my kids! Love it 🙂
    my kitchen has a similar craft corner look… we could really get lost in it all!
    I’m always nervous about shoes we haven’t used in a season as Bethany put her foot on a mouse once years ago sliding into unused winter boots.
    And your cards…
    something I would love before I die… and hopefully I don’t die soon…is a “Dawn” creation! It is the fun looking at it each day knowing how much joy you had making it!
    Sprinkle some glitter on your man while he is sleeping… oops … maybe don’t!

  2. Ew, you are such a little imp behind those angel wings, just a little glitter while sleeping, eh!?

    He told me today he polished his eagle charm I got him for our 25th anniversary (eagles mate for life and renew their allegiance to one another in a yearly flight plunge) with my toothbrush. He said I shouldn’t mind the metal taste in my mouth since silver is a good antiseptic and should kill those nasty plaque-makers in my mouth.

    Considering all this, perhaps a little glitter is in order. I’m kidding, of course. You have to realize I live with the ultimate deadpan jokester who now swears he used an old toothbrush–not mine, I’m off to test the toothbrush. It is getting late.

    Aw, such marital bliss,

  3. Oh Dawn, I love the four shots of you posing . . . so fun. What a great picture on the fridge . . . kid’s art is the best. Now that I’ve seen samples of your card-making on Facebook, I know just how wonderful your work is and I love that you have make the scrapbooks.and cards for all occasions. Just how many times did you take those boots to Central America . . . quite the world traveler you have been. We always learn so much about each other through doing these hunts, don’t we. Happy Sunday, Dawn.

    • You have quite a sense of humor (American spelling!) yourself! I love that you named your blog “One”. I bet you get caught in the spam a lot!

      Thanks for passing by,

  4. Oh, Dawn, you crack me up! Love your poses. And, I am “green” with envy over your cards. I enjoy sending cards to others. But, NEVER have I considered making such amazing gifts. What a great idea!

    • Cristal,

      Making cards is something I can do for others. I enjoy doing it and it has kept me sane many times. In a sense, then, I am really not doing it for someone else. I am doing it for me. It makes me sad, sometimes, that I get praised for doing it because it is therapy for me.

      Thanks, Cristal, for seeing beauty in the mess,

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