Scripture and a Snapshot #33 – Job 28:7

This is a picture I took off Susan Van Dijk’s Facebook page. I absolutely LOVE the white snow, the dark trees and the pastels in the sky. The Almighty God, Supreme Artist, Divine Majesty, Creator King, Emmanuel did this. I found a Scripture, selected a font and made the combination before falling asleep at my computer. I pray this blesses you, wherever you are.

Always alleluia!



16 comments on “Scripture and a Snapshot #33 – Job 28:7

    • Yes, I hope Susan likes it. She is so generous with her amazing pieces of art.

      I really needed a brighter blog. Discussing Dark Night of the Soul in the dusk was too much. I really LOVE this design and hope to keep it for a long time. I haven’t been able to figure out how to turn on some of its features yet so keep watching as it hopefully unfolds over time.

      I’ll be looking for your Scavenger Hunt soon!

      Love you,

  1. This was a true St Augustine picture! God truly makes Himself known in nature! It made me think of a line from the movie on Beethovan’s life “Immortal Beloved” where his estranged “beloved” said she could not hate him because of the “Ode to Joy”. How could she hate someone who could create such a masterpiece? You know, I don’t exactly know why I am connecting the two here except to say, “God is everywhere. We truly have no excuse.” Pondering…

    • I love what you have done with the photo, Dawn, and your comment about how Beethovan’s estranged “beloved’ could not hate him because of the beauty that sprang forth from him…
      that is so much like all the beauty of God’s handiworks makes us without excuse. I love that thought and it puts me in much prayer for those around me. The photo credit however does not go to me though we have such beautiful landscapes. This is in Japan after the horrible nuclear leakage and the comment that came with it is that even though it is so beautiful the snow is too poisonous to even touch… My prayers go up for them too. May they know God’s tender mercies.
      If you like this photo, please take a moment to read the wonderful words from Fukushima resident Marika Yoshida which inspired it

      • Oh, Susan, thanks so much for this explanation. Isn’t it something how tragedy can look so beautiful. That the hurtful and toxic can be concealed within the beautiful, just as the beautiful can be concealed by a toxic veneer. This does make one pray. We need the eyes of the one who picked David the shepherd boy to be King, don’t we? We need to really see. Craig over at needs to chime in here. This is the year of see for him.

        Thanks, Susan, I never leave your comments but that I have grown at least a 1/2 cm!

    • no, Craig doesn’t need to chime in here, he just needs to read, and listen, and learn, and be thankful – that’s all – and tell you how much I value you. God bless you Dawn!

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