Thanking my multitudes this Monday

Since the beginning of the year, I have been going through very dark times. Simultaneously, however, I have also felt the presence of the Lord more constantly and consistently than I ever have in my life. In the book Dark Night of the Soul St John of the Cross says when people are very frail and feeble the Lord will pull them back to Himself. The shaky little lamb is not ready for the tests needed to advance along the Kingdom Way. She needs the strong arms of the Shepherd and all the Shepherd’s helpers to keep her steady and straight. This Monday I am thankful for all the Shepherd’s helpers:

#503 for the indwelling person of the Holy Spirit who warns me when I am reading error, being told error and when I am living error.

#504 for my husband who, through the Holy Spirit, bears witness with my spirit to any error in things unseen.

#505 for friends who stick their necks out for me (sometimes at great risk to their own safety), equip me for the fight, critique my defense and analyze my experiences so I can plan the best strategy for the  next battle. They are pure angel fire!!

#506 for e-mail messages of support from my sisters and being able to benefit from the wisdom of their victories over the evil forces that assailed them.

#507 for fellow workers at the Free Medical Clinic that understand my need to be a nurse and patients who are really thankful for the care they receive.

#508 for people who give of themselves even when they have many, many other, more pressing priorities.

#509 for a friend who tutors me in discrimination law and shows me how to use it.

#510 for an unexpected gift that helped me prepare for the future.

#511 for church members who pray, pray, pray and pray. I can feel the Lord walk right next to me hour after hour through this ordeal.

#512 for the movie Bruce Almighty that my DH and I enjoyed together again last night. We laughed and laughed. We needed that!

#513 for telephone calls wondering how I am and for those who gave me words they said came to them in prayer for me.

#514 that my mother is spared having to worry when any of her daughters are upset or having problems because she has just enough memory loss that she can’t remember what is going on in our lives, but we still have lots of fun together.

#515 for my mother’s husband, Terry, who watches over her for all of us.

#516 for Craig and Jason who give good financial investment advice and Kirsten who has a health plan for me.

#517 for beautiful skies, trees, mountains, snow and ice. Every time I look out my windows or walk my pups God is painting another masterpiece to remind me of His glory!

#515 that I was able to see most of my children and all of my grandchildren this past month. Not having a job really opens up family time!

#516 that I am too old, too over-qualified, too whatever to get a new job. I am really enjoying this time of waiting on the Lord.

Blessings to all who pass by on this Multitudes on Monday at Ann’s,



7 comments on “Thanking my multitudes this Monday

  1. #516 that I am too old, too over-qualified, too whatever to get a new job. I am really enjoying this time of waiting on the Lord…

    I am smiling with this one…I know the perfect opportunity will be opened to you by the Lord… and you are so willing to wait on his perfect timing!
    praying with you and thankful for the time you have to bless others and I know they appreciate all your generous help and love.

    Happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow Dawn to you and your loved ones…the Love of the Lord endures forever… we are all so very blessed

  2. Dear Susan,

    I posted this just after midnight last night with you in mind. You have so much going on these days that I thought you could read this before going to bed (PST), which, I thought, may be your only time to do so. You are among those I am thankful for in #508.

    Big love to you,

  3. Dawn, this is a wonderful list! All you said here is beautiful. But, yes, I liked 516 best, because… well, I get it!! ;o) May God enable you to prosper and still enjoy more of the same kind of enjoyments! (I keep praying for you.)
    Oh, and BTW, the funny-movie one: when Jim and I were going through our (most recent) dark time, we got such wonderful comic relief by sitting and roaring together over the wackiness of Jeeves and Wooster DVD’s. Really was a very helpful part of our “therapy.” (“A merry heart does good like a medicine.)

  4. Oh, my goodness, Sylvia,

    I have never heard of Jeeves and Wooster, but the names make me think my husband will love them. I will check them out. Thanks for your empathy. I have so much to say, but I must wait till all my deadlines are past before I shout Hallelujah!

    Very grateful I know you,

  5. Thankful that you have so many people around you to pray, encourage, advise, tutor, laugh and cry with. More time with your kids and the grandkids is a treat for sure. Hugs from afar, Andrea Dawn

  6. Dear Birthday Girl,

    I AM truly blessed. You really don’t know who your friends are till something like this happens. There was like a parting of the Red Sea after this happened. I don’t mention the disappointments in my list this week, but Ann caught me up short on that in her posting today when she said

    Counting one thousand gifts means counting the hard things as gifts — otherwise I’ve miscounted.

    Next week, the hard things, like someone I helped after her home was flooded I have not heard from since I was fired. THAT is hard.

    I love that you linked to Ann the day your grand-girlies were in tutus and leotards. I LOVED that post,

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