Scripture and a Snapshot #31 – Micah 7:9

This picture was a part of my post yesterday when I was talking about the book Dark Night of the Soul. St John of the Cross says the dark night is something someone must go through in order to burn off the dross that keeps us from the heart of God. God is light. When He establishes my right, He will bring me out into His light. Only then, will I see His righteousness. He has established my right on the cross. What a wonderful message. This next week begins Lent on Ash Wednesday. He’s made me ready.



6 comments on “Scripture and a Snapshot #31 – Micah 7:9

    • He brings us out of the sin and self, all that is darkness, and into the light. He is the light.

      We have a dumb commercial for Direct TV where the man is sitting next to a girl on a couch to watch television. He has a satellite dish around his neck with the receiver in front of his face. When the TV does not work and they decide to kiss instead, he can’t get near her because of the satellite dish. It makes me think how I can’t get to God if I’m covered with the elements of darkness. Praise God, He can bring me out!

      This was a very strange analogy, wasn’t it? I’m in a very odd thinking pattern right now. I think it’s called not thinking.

      • I love this analogy… it is exactly what sin does to us … when we would think that being closer to God would be nice, there is so often sin clutter that gets in the way…may He reveal to us those things that keep us from a close relationship with Him and purge us from them…I want to see His face…

        like you said, this He does…”He brings us out of the sin and self, all that is darkness, and into the light. He is the light.”

  1. Dear Andrea Dawn,

    He pleads our case. He establishes our right. We have no better defense than the Lord. He is my righteousness. I needed all these legal terms right now. Thanks for all of them.

    Good night

  2. Micah had a clear vision of how it needed to be… He would rejoice with us to see Jesus’ finished work on the cross and how that on that dark day of the cross Jesus pled our case before the Father and bore all the punishment for our iniquities~ grace, grace, wonderful grace! Jesus enduring all, burned off all the dross that separated us from God…as we take up our cross daily to follow Him, my we set aside the sin that so easily besets us… I do not want to look into the face of a satellite dish… I want to see Jesus 🙂

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