Scripture and a Snapshot #32 – Isaiah 53:5c

This week the season of Lent began. At our house we ate fausnaughts on Tuesday. We set up the cradle to cross wreath (above) on Ash Wednesday. You can see Jesus bearing His cross to Calvary and we will place a sign of spring in each candle holder place, placing an acutal candle every 7th day making each Sunday between Ash Wednesday and Easter a mini-Easter. Easter Sunday we will place the last candle in the last candle holder place. When I think of what Jesus suffered I can barely breathe. It is like seeing a dog tortured or a child starving. It makes my heart ache because I caused that. I was a part of that. I love Lent because it forces me to remember. The night before Jesus was arrested He said, “Remember me.” I do. Even though it hurts, I want to remember. Remembering, I invite Him to walk alongside me so I never forget. I love you, Jesus.



14 comments on “Scripture and a Snapshot #32 – Isaiah 53:5c

  1. What you said, “When I think of what Jesus suffered I can barely breathe. It is like seeing a dog tortured or a child starving. It makes my heart ache because I caused that. I was a part of that. ”

    The part about,” I caused that… I also am made sick to see an animal tortured or a child starving, but more so if I realize I could be the guilty one! And then like you I cannot bear that Christ carried all this for me and everyone…It breaks me down everytime and I can only love Him more and more…

    I am going to bed singing the hymn…And Can it Be (Amazing Love) check it on you tube
    love you dear friend… love your wooden wreath! Will get one for my grand kiddies one day!

    • Dear Susan,

      And Can It Be is my very favorite hymn. It is a difficult hymn to play on a piano so many times it is never done in places I go. We have a marvelous pianist who can play ANYTHING at our church now so we sing it. It takes me to heaven every time. In my opinion you just can’t beat a hymn by Charles Wesley. He was the Susan Fennings Van Dijk of his day!

      Love you more,

      You need to order a cradle to cross wreath to send with the kids to South Africa or to take with you when you go in August.

    • I love the cradle to cross wreath. It is useful for so many seasons. After Lent, I can begin again for Pentecost and the coming of the Holy Spirit. My husband has the assignment of coming up with the wooden figure we will move that symbolizes the Holy Spirit. What did they use in The Shack?

      Young’s depiction of the Holy Spirit was of a wind (John 3:8) which he named Sarayu which means “wind”. Young does an incredible job of capturing an air of mystery in this character.

      “As she stepped back, Mack found himself involuntarily squinting in her direction, as if doing so would allow his eyes to see her better. But strangely, he still had a difficult time focusing on her; she seemed almost to shimmer in the light and her hair blew in all directions even though there was hardly a breeze. It was almost easier to see her out of the corner of his eye than it was to look at her directly.” (The Shack, pg.84)

      Perhaps we will use something shimmering or rainbow-like. Any suggestions for Pentecost? Perhaps just a candle for tongues of fire…

    • Dear Elizabeth,

      This psalm has special meaning for me as it was read at the funeral of a good friend of mine. I just reread it. How compassionate our Pascal lamb to us.

      Thanks for this suggestion,

  2. Your words express my feelings of this verse so accurately. It is overwhelming to think of the incredible love Jesus had for all of us sinners.

    And I really like your wreath – what a great and constant visual reminder!

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I have seen a number of these wooden “wreaths” on blogs – I first came across it last year on Ann Voskamp’s blog.

  4. Dear Liz,

    Ann’s son makes them and all the profits go to Compassion. She always has devotionals and other family print-outs to go with it. Have a blessed season of Lent going into Easter, My Friend.


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