Scavenger Hunt Sunday #21

It is so 50s (I’m talking temperature in fehrenheit here) this week so my banner is green in honor of all the new shoots and buds on the branches of trees and bushes and of the green pushing up from bulbs in the early spring warmth. It was pure delight to romp in the neighborhood sleuthing out the prompts.  This week’s prompts were: 1. Crossed, 2. A Glimpse, 3. Handwritten, 4. Bliss and 5. Gray. I hope you like what I found, but, more importantly, perhaps, learn a bit more about me as you go with me into my neighborhood. My friend, Andrea Dawn, is all about relationships and she told me she loved coming here because she learned so much about me here. I am really no photographer so becoming friends is probably a better reason for you to come here on Scavenger Hunt Sunday. I would offer you a cup of your favorite beverage if I could. I hold on to the hope that  some day that just might happen this side of heaven if we stay connected. I am so happy you are here. Please make yourself at home and enjoy!

1. Crossed

When my pups and I cross the road from the place I have to park to take them to the bike path for their run, we end up in a fenced-in area where the railroad company stores their heavy equipment. This is what is painted on the beginning of the bike path which goes in the opposite direction from where we go. This week I snapped a picture of the path because of the cross.

2. A Glimpse

Snapping this picture between the slates in a fence allowed only a glimpse of what was behind the fence. I was just happy the Guard Dog they said they had there did not poke his nose or teeth out through the slate. I’m  also glad I was able to snap this picture without a person wondering what I was doing. If I answered I was on Ashley Sisk’s scavenger hunt, do you think they’d have said it was o.k.?

3. Handwritten

This is a love note I wrote to my husband some time ago. He taped it up on the kitchen cabinet so he could see it all the time. I told him I’d write him more notes, but he likes this one! It’s on a stickey note advertising a sleep medication. What can I say?

4. Bliss

This is bliss: one happy dog after running the bike path. She is absolutely, delightfully filthy. She’s looking out the door of the van at the trail she has just thoroughly sniffed, scratched, rolled in and ran over. You can see the wet fur and muddy paw prints which will make grooming tedious when we get home. I hope she thinks it was worth it. Just look at those long eyelashes. She’s just been to heaven and doesn’t want the dream to end.

5. Gray

These, my Dear Friends, are swimming pools. We live a few blocks from a place whose business is in-ground swimming pools and spas. You can tell it’s getting warm here in central Pennsylvania when the lot fills up with swimming pools ready for this season’s installations. The undersides of most of the pools are gray making them appear like ships from afar. My dog, Mickey, and I walked in amongst them for this shot. I got the pictures while Mickey “christened” each one. What else can a wee bit of a doggie do before the pools’ “maiden” voyages? Smile!
I hope you enjoyed walking through this week with me again. I will be heading over to your place soon. If you haven’t gotten the Scavenger Hunt “bug” yet and posted your own five pictures, what are you waiting for? Get on over to Ashley’s by clicking the link on my side bar to get the rules. I’ll be looking for you next Sunday. The prompts for next week are

1.  Routine
2.  Music
3. Technology
4.  Show Me Your Style
5.  Mismatch



11 comments on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday #21

    • She is a high maintenance dog, but also a compliant dog. She doesn’t necessarily enjoy the grooming but she tolerates it and then comes the TREAT!

      Well worth the treat I think she’d say! Thanks for stopping by,

  1. Good morning, Dawn . . . You had to know that your pup in bliss would be most people’s favourite. She is so darn cute, even muddied up. Good job with crossed . . . do you always have to drive first to take them for a walk or is that a preference? I am glad no snarling dog entered the picture for your glimpse shot. Sweet handwritten note you made and super sweet, that your DH “likes this one”. Looks like you really had fun with the prompts this week, girl. Love ya!

    • Dear Andrea Dawn,

      Yes, I have to drive to get to a place where I can let my dogs run. We live in a high traffic area. It is well over a mile from my house to the bike trail which we could do one way, but i don’t think the dogs could make it both ways and have the run they need, too. If I walk them in my neighborhood I have to keep them on-leash. It’s a dilemma.

      Thanks for your encouragement,

  2. I keep wanting to meet your kids too… all the things you share are precious! Love your note!
    I could actually smell your wet pup! I have four wet ones that come in after their hiking but it is still just snow balls they drop!
    Will you be swimming?
    Does your RR stand for Really Redeemed? letting everyone know are you?
    I am in the habit of sticking snacks for the birds and squirrels in fence cracks and also little Bible love notes for whoever wanders by to find them. Yours was a good focus!

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