I thank Him and learn to dance in the rain

Yesterday I lit my first candle on the cradle to cross wreath. Each Sunday in Lent is a mini-Easter and the way I count the 40 days of Lent is not to count the Sundays but simply light a candle on Sundays to commemorate the Lord’s Day. On Easter Sunday, Resurrection Sunday, the last white candle will be lit. So on this Multitudes on Mondays I am 6 days into Lent. One of the “sacrifices” I was going to make over the weekend was to do something for someone who could not return the favor. I soon got a phone call from a friend who is struggling a lot with retirement. I asked her to go to an educational retreat with me to gain clarity. She was ecstatic to go. I also got three prayer requests for people whom I never met and will probably never meet, but for whom I can pray: Justin, Josie and Fran. These individuals need me to stop what I’m doing and focus. I have been.

But  then I went to church. When I opened the door to the sanctuary, I was met by a rainbow of colors, every hue and shade of every color. The colors were draped over the backs of pews, over the altar rail and down the banister to the basement fellowship area. These were the colors of the yarns that were the main material in the dozens of lap robes the women of the church had spent a whole year making. Every March they give the lap robes so the elderly in area nursing homes have warm throws for their laps and shoulders. Our women never see the elderly get them or use them, yet they diligently knit and crochet hour after hour all year long. Some of our women have done this for decades. This was a true example to me of doing something for someone expecting nothing in return–not even the joy of seeing that someone receive the gift. I got the message.

I am so thankful

#530 that He teaches me with real-life examples that are larger than life.

#531 that my lessons are taught to me gently, but powerfully.

#532 that my friends touch base with me and encourage me often.

#533 that my sister gets my situation because she has just been through it herself, somewhat differently, but still the same.

#534 that people share their stories of hurt and acknowledge my anger, but will not allow me to dwell on it.

#535 that Lent is a time of sacrifice. If Jesus carried a cross, why shouldn’t I?

#536 that the Lord supplies the needs of my family without the need to exchange money.

#537 that I am learning a new way to dance because the rhythm of life has changed.

#538 that there are many instances in the Bible where praising released people and so I am encouraged to praise even when things look bad.

#539 that I can think out my thoughts on this blog and that, sometimes, it may even be helpful to someone besides me.

#540 that I can connect with Ann’s community at Multitudes on Mondays

and meet you here,



10 comments on “I thank Him and learn to dance in the rain

  1. Isn’t it amazing and wonderful how he opens up exactly the opportunities for which we’ve asked or made ourselves available? It helps us have confidence in the other areas of our lives. God grant you a week of beautiful blessings!

  2. your 537 makes me twirl a little dance with you … all smiles still believing God for His perfect path that He is leading you on…
    I loved what you shared about the ladies crocheting… just because… they understand passing on the blessing! Doing good unto others has become a habit with them. I know your heart is with them!

    • Dear Susan,

      The only thing better than learning to dance in the rain, is dancing in the rain with YOU. Every day, Susan, the Lord is pulling the veil a little bit farther off my eyes–many times right here in the comment column of my blog. It is so good meeting you here today.

      I thought of you when I passed over the canal when I ran Mickey today. Water is thawing again. I thought of you in the snow. Stay warm.

      Dancing in the rain,

  3. As a crocheter all those lovely lap blankets just move my heart . . . may they bless the dear ones they are given to and His presence cover them. Your experience of “getting the message” certainly qualifies as the type of every day happenings that are parables through which God speaks to us. You are learning the Art of Life, girl.

    • Andrea Dawn,

      This is the BEST news I have had today. I am learning, I am “getting the message” of events going on around me. I am smiling from from ear to ear for yet another real-life happening (your comment) that teaches me life’s lessons.

      Thank you, Dear Sister in the Lord,

    • I forgot to tell, you, too, that my husband prayed over the lap robes for the people who would receive them. He prayed they would somehow feel the love and prayers said for them as the yarn became the cover. It was a beautiful service. You would have love it, Andrea Dawn.

  4. I love seeing the lap robes draped over your pews. Reminds me of the “Prayer Shawl” ministry in my sister’s church. Several women make beautiful soft prayer shawls and pray their own prayers … for the recipients … into every stitch along the way. They give these prayer shawls to the sick and those in need of prayer. I have seen them and they are wonderful… like a hug from God to wrap up in while you pray. Knowing the devotion that goes into them, makes them real treasures. Beautiful lap robes from your church sisters. Beautiful idea…

  5. I most certainly have beautiful sisters: in my church, in my circle of friends, in my family, in my work world, in cyberspace and even in Florida, Dear Carrie!

    When are you coming up again?

    • Probably soon after school let’s out in June, Dawn. We will be going to Manchester, UK, in July for our youngest son’s wedding. School starts again here in August. I want to hug your neck!

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