The Intersection

God has been leading me these past weeks to a point–to an intersection of sorts–and now that I am here and standing in the middle of that intersection, I am ripe for revelation. I remember watching the movie Castaway in which Tom Hanks plays a Federal Express manager whose plane carrying Fed Ex packages crashes into the ocean and he is the lone survivor on an island in the middle of a vast ocean. He eventually gets off the island, but when he returns home he finds everything he is living for has changed. At the end of the movie he has a monologue where he says, “I learned I must just keep breathing because tomorrow the sun will rise and who knows what the tide may bring in.”

Castaway – The Intersection

I am in a place where my future is uncertain. Tomorrow is not routine. Tomorrow the sun will rise but I don’t know what the tide may bring in. I don’t even know where I will be tomorrow when the tide comes in. As I have just kept breathing, however, this time of “no-where-ness” has become the perfect place for “now-here-ness”. One who is “now here” sees each and every moment and all that is encapsulated in a moment as meaningful and valuable. Andrea Dawn clued me into this. She calls it the Art of Life. Now-here-ness (what she calls “getting God’s message”) changes even the most-hardened castaway. I am proof of that.

Dawn and Mary Ann

For the rest of this week, I want to share with you the thoughts that have brought me to this intersection. It all began with a quote that Mary Ann, who some say could be my twin sister, posted on Facebook. The quote was by Samuel Johnson:

The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good.

This began my relentless mini-pursuit to know the man whose quote so captivated me. Please come back tomorrow to see what I found out…about Samuel Johnson and myself.

All is grace,



11 comments on “The Intersection

  1. This is sooooo good, Dawn! And all I can tell you is that this place you are in — the intersection — with all it’s no-where-ness — is such a wonderful place to be. It may not seem so at the moment, but those who walk with the Savior in faith don’t need to know what the next tide brings in, as we know it will contain all that we need. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I stood on the edge of nothingness. I had lost all that I thought I had, felt I was one step away from homelessness and living on the street, and wondered how someone so disgraced could possibly find grace for living. Whether we be a castaway on an island, Moses in the wilderness, Dawn in the intersection, or Cora stripped of everything, God still asks the same question, “What is that in your hand?” To each of us is given different amounts, different gifts in different places. We have no control over what we are given, but we are all asked the same question, and expected to do the same thing with what we are given —- use it for Him and His Kingdom’s sake knowing that our reward will be given to us later. I loved your quote from Samuel Johnson. It brings to the surface the scum of my heart, and I needed that. Why is it that I always have an agenda????? Why is it that even what seems a sacrificial deed, when scrutinized in the light of truth, turns out to be all about ME????? Brownie points. A pat on the back.
    a nice word. a compliment. Why can’t it just be for love’s sake alone. So much to chew on here!!!

    • Dear Cora,

      Your reply to my post made me cry. I can hear Him ask me, “What is that in your hand?” I have to ask myself that. What has He given me that is uniquely me because He had something I was created to accomplish? Thanks for being here because you really have been here before and there is such wisdom in that, in you.

      I LOVED that quote, too, that is why I spent all day yesterday reading about Samuel Johnson and all the differing opinions about his life, especially about his beloved Tetty. I hope you will come back tomorrow because this man was truly a gem in a badly distorted earthen vessel. How many of those have we missed because we didn’t take the time to look beneath the surface? I will share two of my own personal experiences Thursday and Friday…with shame.

      Hugging you real tight,

  2. I love what you say about a time of “no-where-ness” becoming the perfect place for “now-here-ness”-with the One who is “now here” and “sees… all that is encapsulated in a moment as meaningful and valuable.” (Andrea Dawn’s “getting God’s message”)

    Thinking back to the several “no-where-nesses” I lived through (one so much like Cora describes — and I guess I could even say now is a mini one), I would say these turned out to produce the greatest spiritual riches of any periods of my life. You can’t always see it at the time, but what a rich seedbed for faith and revelation and joy to growin! Looks like you’re already getting it!

    God bless you in your intersection!

    • One blog long ago, Andrea Dawn saw (in revelation, I truly believe) that if one was not now here that that one was no where. It fit so perfectly here today. I am glad you liked it. It is a God thing for English-speaking people.

      You are so right that our nowhere’s are such fertile growing grounds. Unfortunately, it is so. It’s that old Margaret Newman nursing theory. Why is it, Sylvia, that whenever I am ‘talking’ to you I get to talking about nursing? Funny.

      Take care,

  3. Dear Andrea Dawn and Cora,

    I am such a slow, slow learner. I really miss the obvious so many, many times. I really see this now that there is an internet and I read 30-40somethings’ blogs. I think, “Oh, my Lord in heaven, how did they get so wise???? Is my ground so hard that You can’t penetrate it, that You haven’t been able to penetrate it for decades?”

    He’s plowing me up and turning my soil over now, though. I’m sure it’s better late than never, but best would have been sooner. I wasn’t ready, obviously. I’m glad you’ll be back, Andrea Dawn. I see a lot more when you’re here.

    Good-night, Lovies!

    • Dawn, here I am, wide awake, deep in thought, and saw your note here. I’m shocked that my thoughts were running in the same ruts as yours. I, too, read those blogs and wonder at the wisdom of these younger women! It’s taken me so long to learn such a little bit, and now I’m longing to cram as much as I can into this little bit of life I have left. My prayer tonight was that the Lord would give me the desire and the ability to dig deeper and that I would “get it!” I think that is a prayer He would love to answer for both of us!

  4. an intersection…
    I remember when as a nineteen year old and rededicated to serving Christ, I headed out on a journey in my ’71 Super Beetle, with all I owned in the back seat. I had a map from a page in a map book dating back to 1948 that encompassed all of North America and I drew a line from my house in Vancouver to an art school in San Miguel de Allende in the heart of Mexico. What amazed me about this journey is that at every intersection I simply asked God which way to turn and He led me to the door of the art school without my ever being lost. After being at the school one week they offered me a full scholarship. I felt led and blessed by the Lord.
    I was whole hearted for this walk with Jesus. It was simply, what would you do Jesus, what would you have me do? In the three years there I had a few crashes at a few of the intersections. Raped and almost murdered at one, persuaded at another to try the Bahai’ Faith because they said that their prophet said all the things Jesus did; Not every intersection mishap was my doing and I believed that even though the journey got tough, that Jesus was with me on every leg of this journey. With all my heart I believed that He would lead me through whatever difficulty arose. If there was deception, He would show me truth; I came through the Bahai’ Faith back to Christ with a gift of discernment, and compassion for others seeking God, but being misled by the enemy.
    When my journey was smooth I sang and danced on my way; when it was arduous, and painful, I fell into His arms and waited for strength and courage to go on…
    It has been almost forty years of this recommitment to serving Christ… at each intersection I stop and take a deep breath and wait for God to speak to my heart. The journey is seldom as I anticipated but always … always by faith I know He leads the way…

    now here………………Jesus is now here with me … He gives courage and strength and peace for the journey. In Him, fear is no where, because He is now here…

    thank you Dawn for sharing this English play of words!

    • Thank you, Dear Susan, for sharing your exhilarating free falls on the roller coaster, and the trudges up the next hill, too. It is good to know about the bumps and rabbit trails that others have experienced: ALL that go into the weaving of the tapestry that is uniquely us.

      I don’t know what it is that makes me tear up inside in my comment column. You sisters here are just so much a part of who I am these days. I can almost feel your hearts beat some moments in prayer or smile to myself when, throughout the day, I spy something that reminds me of one of you and whisper a prayer.

      Dear Susan, He is so now here, isn’t He? We have the years on us that have proven Him so. I am going to go add pictures to tomorrow’s post now. Going through a lifetime of pictures of my dear Joyce, I am humbled by a young woman whose love for others has always been uncomplicated and unconditional. She inspires her Mom!

      Sweet thoughts,

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