Scavenger Hunt Sunday #21

I’m hunting with Ashley Sisk with my prompts in my head. These were not easy prompts for me and I really struggled most with Show Me Your Style. I had to think about my style. Did I have one? I guess everyone does, but I couldn’t readily name mine. I asked my husband what he would answer if someone asked him what his style was and he said, “Boring?” I laughed out loud. We definitely live a slower pace these days and, I guess, for good reason. Davy Jones died this week at age 66 and Andrew Breitbart at 43. Our hearts just can’t take that fast circulation. So slowly I am going to post my pictures for…

1.  Routine
2.  Music
3. Technology
4.  Show Me Your Style
5.  Mismatch


I have to share this routine with you. Every day, I mean, every single day between 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm our shih-tzu, Mickey begins to whine to go outside for a walk. Do you see his little head in the very bottom right corner. He is looking at his “dad” and saying, “Come on. It’s time to go.” He will keep it up until my husband gets off his recliner, puts the collar and leash on the dog and walks him. You can see by my husband’s expression that he enjoys the banter.


My husband comes from a long line of Celts and many times when he is working at his desk you can hear the bagpipes and Celtic women filling his workspace with what he considers the music of heaven. Second son, Samuel, has been known to don a kilt made with cloth denoting his ancestral tartan and dance the Irish jig with the best of them if he can get a good fiddler to pick up a bow. Ah, like father, like son!


I know this isn’t high tech, but I found it fascinating, nonetheless. On my walk Wednesday with a local Ashley, we passed two men who were blowing wood chips and mulch into a fine netting to make curbing along our bike path. It prevented the ground from being washed away along the path and probably guided bikers to stay on the path better, as well. I think it looks like a giant sausage! We could call this prompt Men at Play!

Show Me Your Style

This is my friend, Lisa, and I. We went to the local Panera Bread for a cup of their marvelous hazelnut coffee. Anyway, she was willing to participate in my crazy scavenger hunt adventure and so she posed with me for Show Me Your Style. It is no surprise to those who know me that my style is utilitarian. Check out my idea of a purse: my keys and club member cards attached to a change purse. Notice, on the other hand, Lisa’s chic two-tone bag that reflected the restaurant surroundings off its shiny surface. Lisa wears a coordinated scarf with fringe knotted perfectly around her neck. I wear a shamrock-speckled nylon drape thrown haphazardly around mine. It’s hard to hide one’s style or, in my case, lack thereof. What a fun afternoon! Thanks, Lisa!


If you look closely, you will note that my hubcaps are mismatched. Actually, I have driven without the front hubcap for about 6 months. On my dog run this week I noticed this hubcap lying by the side of the road. I dutifully placed it upright along a fence where it could be seen if someone noticed they lost it and retraced their steps to get it. After a couple of days no one retrieved it so I took it. It doesn’t match, but it looks much better than a black wheel with no hubcap. THAT is a real mismatch. THIS–not so bad!

And so, it is Friday night and I have completed my hunting. It was a challenge! I can’t wait to see what everyone else did this week!

Going out to look around,



13 comments on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday #21

  1. This was so good, Dawn. I feel I know you just a little bit better. All the pictures were so perfect, but the first was the best! Buster and I play the same game — he pesters a while, I tease and wait, but always end up doing his bidding. And the styles — or lack thereof???? I would have to say, I fit into your category, Dawn. I used to worry about my shoes, my hair, my purse, etc. Now????? It’s all about comfort, price, and ease. Must be age, No?????

    • Dear Cora,

      I really have to admit that I don’t think I EVER used to worry about shoes, clothes, and purse matching. When i went to the prom the boy wanted to know what color I was wearing so he could coordinate his tux and my corsage. I hadn’t even thought about the dress which I ended up borrowing from my cousin. It just didn’t seem important. Perhaps that is why I had so few dates…..

      Anyway, now that I wear support hose, hearing aids, glasses and sport three crowns in my dental work, the whole idea of fashion is just too much trouble. Heavens! After I take care of all the “essentials” to function in this modern society, I have no more energy. HA! However, Lisa is probably 15 years my junior so she is still a fashionista!

      We will go out in comfort together, Cora,

  2. Oh my, Dawn, the animals really do get into their routines, don’t they. And they hold you to it! That recliner looks very similar to mine. I love the music poster and Celtic music. Would be fun to see that son of yours dancing a jig and sporting a kilt. As for style, I think the first thing people notice about you is your bright shiny eyes and that warm, welcoming smile. Great job with a difficult set of clues.

    • Dear Andrea Dawn,

      I have to tell you a bit more about the recliner. Mickey loves to sit next to Russ on the recliner so when we went shopping for a new one last year, we had as a prerequisite that the arms had to be very wide (wide enough for a shih-tzu). This one really fit the bill.

      You know, I really wanted to post a picture of my son in his kilt, but I couldn’t find one. I even called him and he said he didn’t have a digital to send me. I told him to put his kilt on and snap one. He said he didn’t know where his kilt was. Someday, maybe….

      Thanks for noticing every little thing,

  3. I love your first picture because….my dog does the exact same thing! However, my dad has spoiled my dog more than I have, so it is usually my dad that he pesters for a walk. His routine is to do it after eating supper. I also like your last picture….more than the mismatched hubcaps, the story of how they came to be mismatched is awesome. I appreciate your thriftiness!

    • I’m glad you see the hub cap “thing” as thriftiness. I didn’t want to take what wasn’t mine, but once a certain amount of time passed and it seemed like it had been abandoned, I thought I could use it.

      Bless you,

  4. Dear Hannah,

    A soft curb is a temporary way to keep water from washing away the dirt along the bike trail. It can also serve as a snow fence when fence stakes are thrust into the soft mulch inside the “curb” to make a deterrent for drifting snow.

    Eventually, the curb rots so it is not permanent, but its materials rot away naturally which is what makes it so desirable. In addition, it lasts long enough to let vegetation take root that replaces the curb.

    I didn’t know this before this week,

  5. I was also wondering what the finishing touches to the soft curb would be…meanwhile I it was very interesting ‘technology’!
    I’m with Andrea about your smile and sparkle!
    I love Celtic music and somehow… I think my last car had mismatched hubcaps too!
    Animals are very good to keep us on some kind of a routine. Mine make me have to go outside and once I leave the coziness of the home It is hard to get me back in!
    We had another 10″ of snow last night, a wet sticky kind that is making the trees look spectacular.
    I think that shovelling snow this winter has been ‘routine’ for me!
    Coming to check your blog posts, has also become a very good routine!
    blessings dear friend. I’m with Cora about getting to know you better all the time! Fun!

    • Dear Susan,

      I was over at and got a real WOW for technology. I commented to her that I was envious of her picture for this category. Please check it out, I know you will love it, too.

      You are so kind about the smile. I really must do it more. I have a tendency to get lost in my thoughts and when my face is resting, it looks pitiful–kinda like I’m sick. I don’t want to look sickly. I am a child of the King.

      Speaking of routine, I can’t get over how you keep up on Facebook, read and comment on blogs, take care of your farm and the house; write, draw, entertain, and now you have to shovel, too. You certainly don’t need to go to the gym!!!

      Hugs and tea,

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