I guess that settles it

So my husband, the Preacher, is preaching on Jael killing Sisera by nailing him to the floor of her tent by hammering a tent peg through his temples. He does a good job with the whole story, but I am perplexed on our way in between churches. (He preaches twice each Sunday and I go with him to both churches so I hear the sermon twice.) “You never say that God defeated the army for the Hebrews. You never say they were thrown into a panic and their chariots were caught in the mud.” My husband replied, “Well, because it never says that.” I do not respond because I do not have the facts to respond with. SO…

Jennie and her grandson, Jess

He preaches the sermon at the second church. After the service, Jennie, one of the matriarchs of the congregation and a pillar of the church says, “You never tell how the chariots were caught in the mud. That the defeat of Sisera’s army was supernatural.” Now I do not overhear this conversation between Jennie and the Preacher, but on the way out of the church Jennie says to me, “I told the Preacher he didn’t tell about the chariots being caught in the mud and he said you told him the same thing. We really do have to keep him on his toes, don’t we.” With the classic twinkle in her eye that only someone who has spent many years loving the Lord can give, she skipped to her pick-up truck to ride home with her husband, Dennis. They are two of the reasons we love our churches so very much and feel privileged to have them as our family in the closing years of Russ’ formal ministry.

In Judges 5 is recorded a Song of Deborah which was sung on the day of the defeat of Sisera. In verse 20 and 21 it says,

20 The stars fought from heaven.
The stars in their orbits fought against Sisera.

21 The Kishon River swept them away—
that ancient torrent, the Kishon.
March on with courage, my soul!

This is where commentators, including John Wesley, have gotten the idea that there may have been a storm, torrents of rain, thunder, perhaps hail that confused Sisera’s army. Judges 4:15 says the Lord comfited Sisera’s army which means the Lord sent them into a panic, or into confusion. I think Jennie and I have made some valid points. The Preacher says, “I guess that settles it.” What he won’t say is “what” settles it. Good move, Honey!

To see my old post on this story go to https://dschondog.wordpress.com/2011/08/18/panic-attacks/ which is what lead me to agree with Jennie.

Loving Jesus in a loving community,



8 comments on “I guess that settles it

  1. I just love these types of discussions between people. I learn so much from them. Isn’t it amazing what we “read into” a passage???!!!!! I’m learning (very slowly, I might add) how important it is to notice what a passage does NOT say, as well as what it DOES say. Sometimes what we tend to add or imply is truly not there.

    By the way, thanks for stopping by my blog. Toothpaste is NOT recommended. It actually had a burn to it and felt very unpleasant! (besides, it didn’t work!). And the song, “Were it Not for Grace” can be heard here:

    • This was absolutely beautiful, Cora. I hadn’t listened to Larnelle Harris for a long time and this brought so many memories of praise sessions using his music. I played this over and over and had quite a time in the Lord. Thanks for giving me the You Tube site.

      Love you,

    • Dear Mike,

      Our meeting of the minds simply blessed me beyond measure. I leave you with this thought:
      Diplomacy is a good husband’s best offensive weapon in a marriage. My husband is a master diplomat.

      I sense you may be, too,

  2. Hi Dawn! I saw your blog listed when I was looking up Ann’s 1000 Gifts, and wanted to check it out. I really enjoyed your posts. The one that caught my eye was you giving your husband’s reply about not preaching about the chariot wheels getting caught in the mud and so on…. I can tell he is a wonderful preacher and a true man of God because he “sticks” to what the Bible says. he doesn’t interject or put his own “spin” on things. To me that is a sign of a true man of God.

    There are so many preachers out there who sprinkle their thoughts and words in with God’s and end up changing the whole complex of God’s thoughts. We have to be careful. I think that is why God tells us to “proof” His Word. So that we will study and get it into our hearts and not be deceived when these type preachers come along. Of course this is just my opinion, but I commend your husband for sticking to the Word of God, no more, no less.

    God Bless,

  3. Hey Dawn! PHEW! I finally figured out how to confirm following you by e-mail! LOL! I’ve followed several Word Press blogs, but never had this much trouble. I did accomplish my mission though, so you now have a new follower. LOL! As I said, I found you by look for Ann’s 1000 Gifts, and I was looking for that, due to reading about it on Blue Cotton Memory’s Blog. Nothing like a “round about way of getting here, but I’m glad I did it. Your blog is great!

    God Bless,

    • Dear PJ,

      Thanks for you encouragement about my blog and my husband’s preaching. I also appreciate your letting me know about the difficulty you had following via e-mail. I was on the verge of deciding to “redecorate” the site. This just may be the push I need to push forward. There are several other issues I’ve had with this theme so I’m ready. I am SO happy you came here via looking for 1000 Gifts. Ann is the reason I’ve been able to build a community here. Her links to everywhere have been such a blessing to me. Now I have you, too. May I just say that the comment section of my blog is usually the best part. I have a very deep, funny, creative, intelligent, Godly, transparent and encouraging circle of friends here. Just make yourself at home.


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