Thankful Monday

What a wonderful week it will be. There are so many things I MUST do this week and I begin by being very thankful

#541 for a conference that will help me transition into a new kind of nursing practice

#542 that I am getting unemployment while I prepare for a new career

#543 that I am free from pain

#544 that I am happy about being productive again

#545 that I have 2 tankfuls of gasoline, one in my car and one in my van

#546 that I can get CPR re-certification only a mile from my house on Tuesday

#547 for a friend who is meeting me for breakfast this week and another who is making me breakfast and invited me over to eat it

#548 for two friends who will walk with me this week

#549 for my second son who will bike with me this week

#550 for mild weather that keeps our household expenses down

#551 for canine friends that keep me company all the time

#552 power in prayer that can move a church council to ban an evil practice, heal a baby of pneumonia, give Christians courage in life-threatening situations, and distill corporate maneuvering

#553 that my sister’s friend got a job I recommended her for

#554 that my sister had a great first week at her new job

#555 that I was able to change a job preparation session so I could cover for a volunteer who could not be at the free medical clinic on Wednesday

#556 that last week at free clinic, the volunteer doctor said he would be my doctor. I hadn’t had a doctor since January 31 when my doctor gave up his practice. Thank you, Dr. Funk!

#557 for Christian Classics Ethereal Library that allows me to read Christian Classics online, and even underline and place sticky notes throughout the text. I am reading William Law’s Serious Call to a Devote and Holy Life. If you want to read along with me, sign up. It’s really free!

Thankful with the Multitudes this Monday at Ann’s,



10 comments on “Thankful Monday

  1. your list is outrageously …grateful
    so many good things have come your way
    so many little things that reign big in a heart hungry for God’s plan
    so much love
    #552 is awesome
    #542 such good news
    so grateful that you have a new doctor and all that free reading!

    hugs from these mild and snowy lands…

    • Dear Susan,

      Your little grandson was the baby with pneumonia in #552. I want to write about the woman of courage in life-threatening situations. Hers is quite a testimony!

      Thanks for noticing that these are good things that have come after a long season of things that were good, but had to be endured because they were so hard. The latter were not easy good things.

      I’m not making much sense, but I hope you understand,

  2. Dawn,

    Your list warmed my heart….for you! (and per your last post, I love bagpipes and Celtic sound, too! Smiles…)

    Add my hugs to fisherlady’s!


  3. Dear Dawn . . . I think your first sentence is the most important one. The declaration that “this will be a wonderful week” . . . anticipating His goodness and mercy that follows you everywhere. The list, thanksgiving for the table spread before you in the presence of your enemies. Praying a fresh anointing of joy and strength for this week’s journey.

    • Giving thanks first is key. It’s almost like the Rosetta Stone of living. You often see what you are poised to see and praise removes the blinders from the eyes of His jaded servant so she is able to “get the message”.

      I used to reach for my eyeglasses first thing in the morning. Now I praise so the images I see have His stamp on them.
      I am thankful for the clarity that comes from just knowing you, Andrea Dawn,

  4. I had to do a google search on Parish Nurse, as I was soooooo intrigued. What a wonderful concept and ministry!!!!! My mind went wild on that one. I had never heard of such a thing. I loved reading your list today. It made ME feel thankful for all these things for you. That’s what is so wonderful about these lists —- they just spread the thankfulness like germs!!!!!

    • Dear Michele,

      I have had a wonderful life. Since I have lived a long time, I can look back at a lot of things. Interestingly, however, I had a partner in getting re-certified in CPR today who was 71 years old. She was amazing!

      Take care,

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