Scripture and a Snapshot #34 Psalm 29:9

At church this past Sunday we were reading the responsive reading from Psalm 29. When we got to this verse in the reading, I thought, “I have a picture for this verse!” Thanks, Katie Lloyd, for hosting this wonderful group with whom I can share such momentous occasions of praise. I was out walking my dogs when I took this picture of the shaggy bark peeling off this tree. I thought it was so very beautiful–like a snake shedding its skin or God peeling the scales from Eustace in Lewis’ Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Underneath is the white purity of newness. This tree so aptly depicts for me the work of the Lord that causes the creation to shout, “Glory”!

Spring is coming to the temperate zone and we are shouting. Won’t you join us?



18 comments on “Scripture and a Snapshot #34 Psalm 29:9

  1. Oh, Dawn, I really loved this tonight! Isn’t it strange that one can read the Psalms so many times over and I don’t think I’ve ever had that verse cause me to stop and pause and think about it. But as I saw your beautiful picture, I thought of how the Lord strips away the bark and all the protective coatings we have covering our hearts, and when it lays bare before Him, He can cleanse it, heal it, repair the broken parts, and we can shout “Glory!” What a lovely thought to go to sleep with tonight! Thank you for sharing that!

    • Dear Cora,

      Not surprisingly (any more) that you should say that no matter how many times you’ve read the Psalms that you never had that verse stop and make you pause. Me, neither, but Sunday, standing in my space in front of my pew, reading the response from the old red hymnal, I wanted to shout! Yes, He is all powerful and I LOVE Him and, more crazy even than that, He loves ME.

      I slept really well. How about you?

  2. Cora and Dawn you have both given me lots to go to bed with! The birch trees are one of my favourites and I always find that as you peel back its layers there is even more beauty beneath… may it be so in our lives as the Lord does His good work in us! Night ladies! I’m up at 4 to do chores then off to swim and teach for the day. Picking up Dorie,our foster daughter of old at 5:30 AM so if you could keep her week long stay with us in your prayers that she finds God’s peace and guidance… I would be so blessed.

  3. Dear Susan,

    Dorie is in my morning prayers. May you have a good week, blessed morning with the animals, swim, and then teaching session. You make me tired!

    Prayers for the joy of the Lord,

  4. Stripping the layers to reveal all the beauty that is hidden. I love this picture and you are right. . the scripture is perfect paired to the picture.
    Loved this Dawn! Have a blessed weekend my friend!

    • Shari,

      Nature lovers and artists certainly appreciate the workmanship of our Great Creator God. Your detailed description of His handiwork on this tree is so perfect. Thanks for leaving a comment.


    • It was the hopefulness in the verse that captured my heart. No matter what happens, the Christian always has reason to shout, “Glory!”

      I’m glad you took the time to leave a comment. It blessed my heart that you got the same feeling I did.

    • Me, too. I had a completely different verse connected to this picture UNTIL we did the responsive reading in church then I knew it wasn’t the best one! These communities in cyberspace keep me from just moving mindlessly through life.

      I hoped you would come by. You always get what I’m doing.

  5. Thank YOU, Dawn, for joining in with the link-up!! I really love how you’ve likened this tree’s peeling bark to how God peels back our old selves to reveal the new!

    We had some of these trees at our old house and I always wanted to go out and peel off all that scraggly bark to get to the beauty underneath!

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