Savenger Hunt Sunday #23

Taking photographs based on specific prompts is what we do here at Scavenger Hunt Sunday. If you think this looks like fun (and it is), click on the little man with the magnifying glass in the column next to this post. It will take you to the rules of the game and introduce you to the usually svelte, but now pleasantly pregnant, Ashley Sisk, our hostess. Welcome to the community! The prompts this week were: water, light, chocolate, animal and crowd.

1. Water

Dear Friends, I really hope this is my last snapshot of frozen water this winter. Spring is a mere 10 days away and although we may have freezing temperatures yet from time to time, I hope they do not last long enough to actually bring anything but a thin layer of frost over the grasses. Bring on the buds and tweeting birds.

2. Light

I snapped this from my bedroom as the day was gearing up. It is the view through my window of the alley across the street from my house. After I snapped this picture I put the blind all the way up. I wanted all that golden glory to come into my room!

3. Chocolate

This is all that is left of my Valentine’s Day chocolates–such yummy chocolate truffles, but they are so very rich. I eat one every once in a great while and my husband snatches one from time to time, also. He loves truffles. I think that is why he gets them for me ;^)

4. Animal

Yesterday my son and I biked around the city where he went to high school and college. We have not lived there since 2003. Sometime within the past 9 years they placed a bunch of steer all over town with a painting of some important scene from the city on each one. My son had to goof around a bit with this one sporting a scene of the city skyline. Note that the horns are missing on this magnificent specimen!

5. Crowded

This half-double house is for sale. I think the family moved all their plants outside and just let them die. This is the closest I came to being able to snap a picture of a crowd of anything. DH and I tend to avoid crowds to avert infections. Crowded barns, classrooms, fish tanks, etc. break our hearts so we don’t go there either. We are free-range types so I opted for this non-living “crowd”.

My husband is snoring in the chair beside me. I guess it’s nap time. Soon my little dog will be begging me to take him for his walk. I’m going to post this and then look at a few of your pictures before I am forced out into the glorious afternoon air. I hope you participated this week or else I won’t see you. Thanks for passing by here. I love that you did!

Hunting with Ashley this Sunday,



16 comments on “Savenger Hunt Sunday #23

  1. i am excited for spring, too! i mean, after all. . . i did photograph melting snow 🙂 also thought it was cute our chocolate photos relates back to valentine’s 😉

  2. OKay! I love these!
    the puddles look just like mine 🙂 so you feel close!
    the window one is so mystical… dreamy
    the chocolates would never have lasted so long between my husband and me…you are amazing!
    the Cattle herding is awesome… a perfect feeling of your great day
    your crowd I can imagine as wonderful perennial flowering pots of last summer… It would have been joyous. mine look exactly the same with a few dried red blossoms that I refuse to discard until frosts are gone and I can replant… they, even though they are dead, remind me of glorious days… kind of like my Christmas tree that just came down this week …

    • Dear Susan,

      You took your Christmas tree down???? I guess it had to happen. Christmas had to end so Jesus could proceed to Calvary…ah! it will be alright. I’m happy you enjoyed the photos and that the puddle could have been in your yard. It does draw us close!

      Love you,

  3. Nothing better than a sunrise!!!!! That was just beautiful, Dawn! As beautiful as your name, for sure. I never get to see ice on the puddles here. I kind of miss that in a way, but I HATE being cold. Today, I took a few moments to breathe in the scents of the wisteria that are blooming here. It is the scent of heaven, I’m sure. Loved all your pictures —– but the chocolates —– there would be NONE left here!

    • Dear Cora,

      I send you cool air. You send me wisteria scent. Nourishment from heaven flowing north to south and south to north.

      Blessings, My Sister,

  4. Great job, Dawn . . . mmm, those chocolates would not last long around here. I love your light shot and how the sun shines on the loops of telephone wires. Looks like a fun time roping steers with your son. Your crowded shot makes me want to fill all those pots with colourful flowers.

  5. Hi Dawn,
    These just keep getting better and better. I’m really nuts about 1 and 2! And how funny is this: we must have been in the same city yesterday, mere blocks from one another!

    • Really? You were in Harrisburg?

      I wish I would have known! I’m so happy you liked the pictures. I always have fun collecting them all week long.


  6. Dear Andrea Dawn,

    I had to come back to my post to reply so I could look at “how the sun shines on the loops of telephone wires.” Now that I see it, I like it, too. You always see the details. That is something I miss since my daughter, Abby, is not around. She is a detail person like you are. She always amazed me like you amaze me now.

    Blessings, Dear Friend,

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