Sharing His Sacrifice

I had just pushed my cereal bowl away from my place at the breakfast table, took a sip of tea and opened the Bible. I read from the Old Testament about how the Persian King Darius re-instituted orders for rebuilding the temple in Jerusalem and then how the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit in the New Testament. I finished with a Psalm and a Proverb. It was a normal morning in the Blanchard sun room. Next I opened Called to Controversy, a book on the life of Moishe Rosen. Moishe was the founder of Jews for Jesus. I was reading Chapter 10 aloud to my husband. It was the story of the conversion of his wife Ceil to Christianity.

After the birth of her first baby Ceil began to wonder about God. She asked a friend of hers to get her a Bible,

“Be sure to get a whole Bible. You know–both the Old and the New Testament–but don’t tell anyone!”

Bringing a Bible into a Jewish home was very risky. Ceil could be banished from the community, but she didn’t care. She had to find out about the one she sang about at Christmas when she was in high school. Who was the one in whom “the hopes and fears of all the years” resided?

She began with the first verse of the first book of the New Testament: ‘The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham. What’s wrong with that? she thought. It’s saying that Jesus was Jewish!

She read voraciously until it was time to prepare dinner, then she hid the Bible underneath some papers in a desk drawer. From then on, whenever she had a few moments alone she read it. The more she read, the more impressed she was that it was a Jewish book about a Jewish person who claimed to be the Jewish Messiah.

It was the next paragraph that hit me. It made me weep so hard that I could not breathe enough to read. I simply looked at my husband with tears streaming down my face.

No Christian had ever suggested anything like this to her; none had even suggested that she read this New Testament. It was, she thought, her private discovery. And she intended to keep it that way.

I was convicted of the fact that I not witnessed to anyone about Jesus in a long while. I felt very badly that every day I passed people and never spoke about Him to them. I recouped my composure and finished our morning reading time with a prayer from the Valley of Vision. In the prayer were these words

As I have a position in the world,

keep me from making the world my position;

I prayed that He would let me live today with heaven in mind, that as I would go about checking off the errands on my earthly “to do” list that I would, simultaneously and more importantly, accomplish things for eternity. My Father God went with me to the bank to transfer my retirement funds from the hospital and place them in an annuity under the guidance of the son of one of my deceased father’s best friends. As we did the transactions, he asked me about my faith and how I could be so sure of what I believed. He shared a lot about his college years and how disillusioned he had become. I shared a few key things for him to ponder and suggested a couple of books that might help him understand Christianity better. I ordered C. S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity from Amazon for him. Please pray for Jason.

I then left to work at the free medical clinic and there was more of the same. The Lord just connected me to His spiritually hungry people all day. Was it because I asked Him to help me do that first thing in the morning? Was it because He loved me and needed to show me how easy this was if I made it a priority and let Him lead? Today I learned (again) that I must slow down and pay attention for I had all eternity and I did not need to rush.

Sharing His sacrifice,



7 comments on “Sharing His Sacrifice

  1. Today I learned (again) that I must slow down and pay attention for I had all eternity and I did not need to rush.

    Yes! I also agree with this! May we share His Good News in season and out as He leads. I love your joy in all this…
    I have read Ceil’s testimony and was also enthralled by her hunger.
    We hold the key to eternal life… it must be shared!

    • Dear Susan,

      People are SO very hungry. The world is a playing field with no limits and so they don’t know how to play the game. They need coaches. That is the purpose of each and every one of us who knows the one who wrote the rule book.

      I just put on my Body Armour sport wear to bike with my friend, Ann. I smiled as I though I also have on my Ephesians 6 body armour, too. In 15 begins. I am thrust into the world. May I notice things, things that really matter.

      It’s a beautiful day here in PA,

  2. When I was a child, the very clear message in my home was that children should be “seen and not heard,” and we should never ” be a bother” to our rural neighbors. That meant when I had GIrl Scout cookies I could not take them out and sell them.
    “if our neighbors wanted cookies, they would bake them.” (we were all struggling farmers.). We were careful to ” mind our own business” and I never heard my parents pass on gossip that I can recall. Having a party line that was shared with neighbors, we were given a two minute limit for phone calls ( even though one neighbor talked for hours.) I learned that it is rude to send out invitations to graduations and weddings to people who couldn’t possibly come, because that smacked of asking for a gift, and that would not be right. Oh… The list goes on… I knew early on that i would never be in sales…. I would never be able to talk someone into wanting something they didn’t already know they wanted. Those old warning bells go off….

    How has that affected me in my later years? I find it very difficult to talk about my faith outside of “safe” places, with people who already love Him.

    I reckon God would like to get me over that!

    *Sigh…….*. Lord… I am yours. (I can do all things through him who strengthens me……)

    Thank you for entrusting me with your intimate thoughts, Dawn. You remain as always a master teacher, my friend.

    • Dear Carrie,

      I can see your facial expression and hear you when you say, “I reckon God would like to get me over that!”
      He will show you, Sweet Carrie, but I believe He uses you mightily just the way you are. I know He uses you mightily in my life. When you seek Him about this you will know because you know Him. Thanks for leaving this snapshot of your childhood and what it taught you about being sensitive to others and their situations. Invaluable lessons!

      I wish you could go biking today with us,

  3. Dawn, I was raised like Carrie. I have often thought of my New Jersey childhood, and realize now that we never spoke to our neighbors, and didn’t even know their names. We just didn’t speak to people we did not know. Even my church was like that — cold, stiff and distant. I too, would have to say, “I reckon God would like me to get over that!”

    I read with rapt attention to your post today — in fact, I read it twice. To pick the part I loved the most is so hard because I was smitten so many times. Your end was so beautiful, because it brought it all together in how God works. The old, old song, “Open mine eyes that I may see glimpses of truth thou hast for me. Place in my hands that wonderful key, that shall unclasp and set me free. Silently now, I wait for thee, ready, My God, thy will to see. Open mine eyes, illumine me, Spirit Divine.” I thought of Craig and his wanting to SEE this year. And when we really do SEE, it is amazing what has been there all along. For you, it was the people who need to hear. Just beautiful!

    I also thought of a book that perhaps you have already read. It is “Betrayed!” by Stan Telchin. He and his family were Jewish, but his daughter had become a Christian during her college years. He banned her from the family. But at the same time, he went on a quest, a search through Scriptures to disprove her new found faith. In that quest, he also saw the truth that you spoke of, Dawn.

    I loved this post today. May I go out and see hearts as God sees them!

  4. “Today I learned (again) that I must slow down and pay attention for I had all eternity and I did not need to rush.”
    I know fisherlady already quoted this, but I also had to anyway. As I get older I get increasingly focused on the idea of “so little time left”! That can make you frantically leap ahead of God, or feel you’re almost always wasting time. This post of yours shows so well how God opens doors for us to do His ambassador work, in His time (which is eternal!), and so, trusting Him, we don’t need to be in a big flustered rush about it.
    Thank you much! Invaluable!

  5. Dear Dawn . . . having just completed my “I Am From” post, I am struck by a common theme in your post and the comments. You refer to Ceil and her story (where she is from) and Carrie comments about her upbringing (where she is from). You shared about your faith with Jason (where you are from) and he told you about his struggles and disillusionment (where he was from). I am seeing what a profound impact just sharing our stories can have, not being all preachy and self-righteous (God forbid), just telling it true and sharing how God brings us through. I pray blessing and breakthrough for Jason and a peaceful unrushed day for you.

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